Kuramathi Island Resort - Maldives For The Restless Traveller


Kuramathi. Island number two. A week into paradise and although far from ready to leave the Conrad hotel, we were excited at the prospect of something new and different. And Kuramathi provided just that….

Kuramathi is one of the largest of the Maldivian islands in the Northern Atoll. It is a short one hour boat ride from the capital , Male, and is renound for its beautiful coral reefs, making it ideal for diving, snorkelling and all the water sports the island has to offer.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard this familiar phrase from at least one person before “ Oh you’ll definitely get bored and restless in the Maldives if you stay longer than a week” or “ It's great for someone who loves to relax and sunbathe but there’s not much else to do” …..well ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to Kuramathi, the island that proves the exact opposite. With over 360 beach and water villas, a fully equipped sports centre, a fully equipped dive school, watersports galore, an aqua centre providing excursions, 9 à la carte restaurants, 3 buffet restaurants and 7 bars (*breathe*) I can guarantee you boredom will not even be an option!

The island provides five different types of accommodation from deluxe water villas to beach villas. As a  group of five we booked ourselves in to the two-storey beach villas, which was such a great choice. We each had our own floor with a huge double bed and a massive ensuite bathroom each one leading to our own outdoor showers which really do provide that ‘wow’ factor!

Oh and to top it off….it is, as it says, on the beach. So step a few feet from your bed and soak up the sun and sand. Dreamy!

Now, obviously the Maldives also has a reputation for the being the perfect honeymoon destination, and don’t get me wrong, I still believe it is one of the best place to go, however, Kuramathi also provides a holiday perfect for families and groups of friends alike. Even more so in fact, with its vast range of activities, restaurants and bars. We only had two days in the resort so unfortunately didn’t have time to do as much as we wanted ( we were secretly very busy trying to soak up our last rays before heading back to London!) However we did manage to go on a snorkelling trip on the second morning in order to discover the islands abundant marine life. And boy oh boy was it abundant! As we jumped in, the colours were breathtaking. The ocean was alive with turtles, reef sharks, octopus and an array of multi-coloured fish millimetres from reach.  This is a definite must- do if you visit the island!

Obviously we had to check out the spa… How can you be in such a relaxing place and NOT want a massage? And it certainly didn’t disappoint. With its communal area dotted with lounge beds overlooking the lush blue waters and fresh fruit water on tap, this provided the perfect place to have a few minutes of relaxation whilst waiting for our treatment. Both Jordan and I had full-body 60 minute massages in an air-conditioned room, which was amazing. Re-setting our whole moods and sending me off in a deep and peaceful sleep a fair few times! They have a range of different treatments in the spa, so if you’re looking to escape the midday heat or just an afternoon to unwind, head to the spa and you’ll be in for a treat.

One of the most beautiful and unique parts of the island for me, was the private sand dune at the end of the island. It is so stunning and proves for one of the best places to watch the sunset. (Aside from the islands ‘Laguna bar’ with its infinity pool and delicious espresso martinis!) But this is truly picturesque and for me sets it aside from the other islands. One of the evenings, we all decided to grab a few drinks and sit amongst the sand dunes, watching the horizon turn a glowing pink which slowly filled the whole sky with a tinge of fiery-orange.

Food, food, food. Food for me is always and has always been a very important part of a holiday. I wouldn’t say Jordan I are fussy eaters, at all. In fact, put something on our plate and we’d probably have devoured it by the time you could blink (aside from any meat, thank you very much.) So Kuramathi was like a dream for us in terms of its vast variety of food options. They boast all different types of cuisine from Indian to Mediterranean, Thai, Barbecue, Seafood you name it they have it. Most of the restaurants are buffet style so you are bound to find something you like. Our favourite was definitely the Reef restaurant, which is their signature seafood restaurant. Situated over the turquoise lagoon, you’re in for a very picturesque dining experience full of fresh seafood, prepared any way you like it and a yummy selection of wines.(*Mouth drools*)

 In all honesty I’m gutted we only had such a short amount of time on the island as there were so many other things we wanted to do whilst there, an island hopping excursion, wake-boarding and diving being just a few of them, but this certainly gives us all the more reason to return! Well thats what I keep saying anyway….

So there you have it, a short glimpse into our brief 48 hours on Kuramathi. An island well set up for the restless traveller and one that certainly breaks the stereotype that the Maldives can get boring!

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