Wardrobe Essentials - Maldives

So, I'm pretty sure you're all sick of seeing our holiday photos and hearing about our Maldives trip, especially when the weather here has been resemblant to that of a winters day. Speaking of which, we're both currently tucked up on the sofa in blankets, sipping on hot honey and lemon teas. The breath-taking water villas of the Conrad and blues and greens of the Indian ocean becoming mere distant memories. *Sobs*

Anyway, this blog post is dedicated to some of our Maldives wardrobe essentials. The items of clothing we were adamant to wear, perfect for the weather, the resort and etiquette. I won't ramble on and talk about all the items of clothing  (they're pretty self explanatory from the photos) but I'll add links to where you can purchase the pieces from, or if not in stock, where you can buy similar items from!

Yes, these summer items are perfect for the Maldives but summer too is fast approaching and these pieces could be worn for any little summer getaway you have planned. Many more for us, I hope!

The Co- ord combo:

Light, breezy, nice and easy. This colour looks insane with a tan!
Pair it with espadrilles / Ray bans / and a basket beach bag.

2018-03-18 02.08.16 2.jpg
2018-03-19 01.26.40 2.jpg

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The Silky wrap-up:

These shirts are the actual dream! We love using them as a wrap-up over our bikinis but these can also be worn on smarter occasions too.

0a5d91de-efe2-42d7-b9e3-8836d64fa45b 2.JPG
MVIMG_20180321_084317 (1).jpg

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The detailed dress:

I'm just a sucker for details and patterns. Anything with polka dots/ stripes and ESPECIALLY fruit patterns, I'm sold. So this number was a no-brainer!

BEE9D5AD-2F9E-4E7A-8416-F64B3738AE67 2.JPG

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The White Flowy Beach Dress:

You just can't beat a white, flowy dress in the summer. Shove it on over your swimsuit, or dress it up for an evening meal. I do both.

1A8CF412-CB9F-44AF-80CC-381590334752 2.JPG
img_0377 2.JPG

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The sophisticated/sexy swimsuits:

I'm also a sucker for swimsuits nowadays, I just think they ooze that bit more class and elegance than bikinis. Below are some of my new faves I wore this holiday.

Facetune_28-03-2018-17-14-02 2.JPG

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The High-Waisted Bikini:

I just can't get enough of high-waisted bikinis. Flattering, elegant and forget about post-lunch bloating, these will suck and tuck you in in all the right places! 

201803176349860232894326116 (1).jpg

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The 'All White, Everythaaaan' Look

I mean what other colour brings out your glowing tan more than white? Enough said. That was the colour of 70% of my suitcase essentials!

Facetune_22-03-2018-08-08-15 2.JPG

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