Because We Can!

I remember the days when Loanne and I would have 9-5 office jobs, stuck at a desk all day aimlessly looking at our computer screens whilst wondering whether this was it, was this really all life was cracked up to be?

Well luckily that wasn't the case, and a year later we became our own bosses! Since then we have been making the most of every opportunity and really embracing what it means to do what we want and living life to the full! Even the little things!

So this Friday Loanne and I spent our afternoon in Notting Hill with our good friend Arielle, where we rented out bikes, skipped, danced and laughed our way around Portobello whilst getting snap happy (and sipping on Diet Coke).... Why? Because we can. It's all about those simple wins, doing things that make us happy be it big, be it small and really appreciating them for what they are, and Diet Coke are encouraging us all to do just that…live our lives unapologetically and celebrate these little things through their latest Because I Can campaign.’ Research commissioned by Diet Coke has discovered that more than a third of brits apologise more than 7 times a day even when they aren't in the wrong. How crazy is that?

I feel Loanne and I have made a habit of living life unapologetically. A few examples for us;

Sleeping in a van in the desert at a festival, because there was no room for us in the house!

Spending a whole weekend in bed eating junk because we had no plans that weekend 

Speaking Portuguese in a London cabby to talk about something hilariously private, only to find out the cabby was Portuguese! 

It's those little things, those magical moments. Life is too short to second guess yourself or care about what people think. Go and live life how you want! You won't regret it, we certainly haven't!

What is your 'Because I Can' moment? We want to know! Share it on social and hashtag #BecauseICan and tag @DietCokeGB

This post was sponsored by Diet Coke

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