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We've always had that innate travel bug, a sense of restlessness if ever we're in one place for too long and a continual urge to travel to new destinations which stemmed from our move to Portugal at the age of 14. 

Being immersed in a new culture and way of life at such a young age fuelled our appetite to embark on a never-ending journey. 

Almost like a fairy tale our dream job came to fruition and now allows us to travel monthly and fulfil our burning desire to see the world in all it's glory. 

Some could call us  jet setters but we like to call ourselves nomads! 

So we were thrilled when we discovered Chloe's new fragrance 'Nomade' a fragrance that embodies a free- spirit an adventurer with a sense of openness to the world and longing to encounter new places and people. 

 Iā€™m convinced it was made for us! Ha

In true nomad style, we embarked on a 1 day road trip in LA to celebrate the launch of the Chloe fragrance then dashed back to the airport to catch our next flight to the Maldives with a 3 hour waiting gap. We made it! Phew!

This was our second time to the Maldives and we were adamant that we had to come back during the winter months in London to get our daily dose of sun and paradise. We are serious sun chasers and this has to be up there as one of the most picturesque places we have ever been. This time round we got to experience a lot more, we explored two different islands, swam with manta rays & whale sharks at the Conrad, watched Dolphins swim at Sunset, did morning yoga sessions to watch the sunrise, discovered michelan star culinary dishes. What a magical trip!

After heading back to London after a fabulous 2 weeks, we've already conjured up a plan to ensure we have a new adventure on the horizon each month.

 First on the list is Berlin which we will be visiting for a few days in the coming weeks, we've decided not to book anything until we get out there, go with the flow and see where the wind will take you do! 

We're not the most rigid of planners (as you can probably tell now) but that works for us as it leaves room for the unknown...and that's generally when the best things happen! We're also planning a trip to Jamaica, Turkey and Chicago and a few others for the Summer.

So we've got a lot of places on our list without a single game plan in tact, and as true nomads all we know is that our passport, money and of course our Chloe fragrance will be travelling alongside us!!

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