Converse Occasions

It goes without question that an absolute essential for London Fashion Week is making sure you can get around with ease between shows, events and presentations. Making sure those little tootsies are as far away from any blisters as possible and that if you’re like us (running around like headless chickens), your shoes aren't the ones that are holding you back! It's safe to say, our converses were our life saviours here.

We paired up our absolute fave Chuck Tailors and One Stars during fashion week, to add that cool and causal look to our outfits as well as getting us from one place to the other, hassle free! And we weren’t the only ones either, it seemed plenty of fashionistas, bloggers and general fashion week goers were pairing up their converses with the hottest trends this Autumn.

Converses have remained a style staple for as long as we can remember and the variety of colours and styles you can get now, paired with their ultimate comfortability have made them our top choice to combine with any type of outfit. You'll catch us wearing ours on pretty much all types of occasion; exercising, shopping, Djing, partying, shooting, you name it!

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