Chilling in our Tommy's

When the sun is still beaming, your friends a photographer, he works on a rooftop in central London AND you've just been sent some pretty cool Tommy Hilfiger gear, a photo shoot is an utmost necessity!
A huge shout out to the amazing Jimmi Herrtage for these shots and for a dreamy afternoon frolicking in the sun and climbing scaffolding that could easily of ended up in a hospital trip....or two!
Hope you like them! x


JIMI - Collyer Twins 07-1.jpg

Outfit 1: 

White Shirt: ASOS

Black Culottes: Zara

Black Blazer: Zara

Sliders: Tommy Hilfiger

Black dress: Topshop

Sliders: Tommy Hilfiger

Outfit 2:

Plain black dress: And Other Stories

Furry Jacket: Zara

Polkadot dress: And Other Stories

Bomber jacket: Boohoo

Shoes: Converse

Outfit 3: 

Red polkadot dress: Realisation Par

White shoes: Zara

Blue polkadot shirt: Realisation Par

Culottes: Zara

White sandals: And Other Stories


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