At The Moxy: Berlin!

On Thursday morning, Loanne and I flew over to Berlin to be one of the first to experience the MOXY Berlin, the brand’s new flagship hotel in the heart of the city’s cultural epicentre, Ostbahnhof.

You all probably know that we love a good ol’ party so not only were we extremely excited but also rather intrigued when we heard the launch party would be nothing less than an all-night party with scandalous dance performances, drag spectacles and a Berlin rave-ready makeover! (Sounds pretty epic, right?)

Upon arrival to the Moxy we were greeted by friendly staff whilst also becoming familiar with the Do-It-Yourself nature of the hotel which saw Loanne and I helping ourselves to the delectable choice of muffins, pastries and of course a cheeky cocktail.  A big tick in our box already!

The contemporary interior of the hotel along with the young looking guests gave off a modern, fun and vibrant feel to the place. Though technically a budget hotel, it felt more like a boutique hotel with its slick interior, comfortable & cozy bedrooms and 24 hour food & drink service. 

As it was a very quick 24 hour stop-over in Berlin we managed to squeeze in a couple of landmark visits during the day, one to the Holocaust Memorial & also to the Berlin wall - A  cultural must & also a very touching experience.

As the evening approached we headed back to the Moxy to get ready for the party, the hotel had prepared our rooms with champagne and chocolates to get us in the mood for the night. Along with seductive, lace masks that were to be worn on the evening. (What have we got ourselves in for?)

The night was a true blast (So much so that we didn’t take any photos, unless you were one of the lucky few to witness our Instagram stories ;))

The 300 odd party guests were a true reflection of the brand; fun, cool & stylish- tapping directly into the millennial cultural movement. As the party started and the DJ hit the decks, we helped ourselves to cocktails & canapes. The entertainment continued upstairs in different rooms, each room offering a very different experience, in one room was one of Berlin's best tattoo artists giving free tattoos (we didn't get one unfortunately, kicking ourselves now!) and in the other rooms were bondage & scandalous naked women and teddy bears. It was definitely something we hadn't experienced before. Frivolous & hilarious at the same time. The night continued at the official afterparty in Berlin's famous gay club "Schuwz" where the amazing music continued and we partied until early hours of the morning.

What a night and an amazing 24 hours in Berlin. A massive thanks to Moxy Hotels who provided a party like never before!




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