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Crazy For Prints

Hey chicas,

So we've all seen the craze with animal prints and more recently than ever we've had loads of you asking where we got our items from, whether they are still in stock and if not, where the hell to buy them from!? Well a lot of the nice stuff seems to have all sold out, and pretty rapidly as well! My snake print two piece from Zara is a prime example, it sold out in the UK so quickly and never got re-stocked (boooo). Well, we've had a scour around the internet to see what is still out there and have sifted through the not-so-great stuff to leave you guys with some of our favourite options out there!

The Leopard Print Maxi Skirt You Missed - 

Shop the Look:

The leopard print mini skirt:

Shop the look:

The Leopord Print items to purchase before it's too late! (Quick, Quick, Quick!)

The Snakeskin print:

Shop the look:

Autumns on it's way....

And just because these are a few items we love that we've bought recently :)!

Hope that helped!



Fashion Week Mania

And breath! Last week was simply manic, manic in a very good way of course ! London Fashion Week, DJ gigs, panel talks and the Brits all in the space of one week, so it really was the perfect partnership teaming up with Vita Coco to keep us hydrated and revitalised during this busy period. Below we give you a little insight into how we prepared for our busy schedule, where we went, our ultimate essentials and what we wore!

How we prepared

Preparation is key during fashion week so we made sure we had this down to a T!

- Morning smoothies: Always start the day off well. We made the most delicious berry smoothies which kept us going until lunch time! Super easy to make and takes 1 minute! Grab a handful of spinach, frozen berries, blueberries, cashew nuts and a small bottle of vita coco and blend together. The perfect way to start the day!

- Early nights: We were in bed by 10.30pm most nights as we wanted to avoid the dreaded puffed eyes as we knew we would be getting lots of photos over the next few days!

- 15 mins of meditation- Sometimes stress can get the better of you, especially if you don't think you've got enough time in the day to do everything. 15 minutes of calm and relaxation in the morning is the ideal way to keep calm and collected throughout the day.


Where we went & what we did

We tried to keep shows/ presentations down to a minimum as we were busy either shooting content, DJ'ing or preparing for presentations. The highlight of the week had to be The Brits with Reserved! What a fun night, although the next day you could say we were feeling slightly worse for wear. The best hangover cure? Vita Coco!  

- Fyodor Golan show

- Palmer Harding show

- Markus Lupfter presentation 

- Ralph Lauren DJ set

- Red Valentino DJ set

- Panel talk with LuLu Guinness

- Panel talk for LSE fashion society

- The Brits with Reserved 

- Origins stay at The Rosewood 


Our LFW essentials

- Canon 650D - to take photos

- Canon Powershot G7X - to vlog

- Rayban sunglasses

Coconut oil for dry lips

Vita Coco Cafe Latte as a pick me up through the day

Photo 16-02-2018, 14 54 17 (1)_preview.jpeg
2018-02-19 05.36.23 1_preview.jpeg
Photo 16-02-2018, 21 28 34_preview.jpeg
Photo 23-02-2018, 21 09 36_preview.jpeg
Photo 28-02-2018, 17 05 10_preview.jpeg

What we wore:

Day 1

Jordan: White & Black top (French Connection)

             Black trousers

              White boots 

Loanne:  White & Black top (French Connection)

              Jeans (And Other Stories)

              Black Boots

Day 2 

Jordan:  Patterend Shirt

               White pants

               White Blazer

Loanne:  Patterned dress


Day 3

Jordan:   Red Dress

             Black studded boots

Loanne: Polka dot dress




'Start the new year as you mean to carry on' and that's certainly what we've been doing! Since coming back from our travels and setting ourselves some stealth new years resolutions (and sticking to the majority of them you'll be pleased to know) we mean serious business!

Now serious business entails looking the part at all times. I won't lie and say it's easy to look and feel the part constantly, (especially after Christmas) most days Loanne and I love nothing more than chilling in our trackkies with no makeup and just slodging, yes SLODGING! Haha 

What I can say though is that it really helps to have items in your wardrobe that instantly make you feel like a power house, those effortless items that require no effort to work with, that tuck you in, in all the right places, well that's exactly where our RESERVED items come into play!

Jordan is wearing the black trench coat which you can slip over anything, jeans, a dress. The fit is great and accentuates the waist, dress it up or down, this coat is a serious winner and the inside detailing has a cute poetic message inside. I've paired it with a pair of grey suede boots, cute and simple.

Loanne is wearing a lovely silk polka dot shirt (I'm a sucker for anything polka dot, even if it's out of fashion i'll still  be wearing it until the day I die!) she's paired it with some silk high-waisted black palazzo pants which is extremely flattering for the figure! We love a bit of silk on silk, it's sophisticated, sexy and just utterly dreamy! Kinda got that PJama feel but that's the vibe we go for! 

Collyer-26jan-edits-126 (1).jpg
FashionCollyer TwinsComment
Puma X Office Collab

Since embarking on our blogging and DJing career full time (just over a year ago) , collaborating with our favourite brands was always top of our priority list. So this recent collaboration with Puma and Office was definitely one of our proudest to date. Since we were kids, Puma has always featured in our lives whether it be for sporting events or fashion affairs and as a brand it has always been one that we’ve resonated with most, so inevitably collaborating with them was a huge honour for us!

We spent a day shooting with the OFFICE and PUMA team to showcase PUMA’S latest trainer releases including the Puma Fenty cleated creepers  and Puma fenty pointed cleated creepers Which we absolutely LOVE!  Jordan and I got to style the whole shoot ourselves which was amazing as we got the chance to pair the trainers with the exact outfits we would tend to wear them with!

This collaboration has also recently been featured in Grazia, which we we're extremely proud about too, as well as on the OFFICE blog, which you can read here 

Below are the images  from the shoot and don’t forget to shop the trainers! Enjoy :)

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.17.52.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 16.39.47.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.23.58.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.23.36.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 15.08.32.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 13.56.30.png
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Black Friday Baby

So it's that time of year again when the sales go CRAZY, websites go crashing, the old scrooges finally whip out out their credit cards and shopaholics spend their every second scouring the internet for the best sales around.

We've put together a comprehensive wish-list of outfits we're currently scurrying to get our hands on during the sale and links for you to purchase them too using the discount codes shown!

Get shopping' ya filthy animals :)

Winter coats:

Shop the look:

 ASOS: 20% off everything
             CODE WIN20.
             VALID 23-28TH

TOPSHOP: 50% off everything.
                   VALID UNTIL 27th

REISS: 30% off selected lines

MATCHES FASHION: 50%  off Fall/Winter styles


Leather Jackets:

Shop the look:

TOPSHOP: up to 50% off everything

ALL SAINTS: 30% off everything

MATCHES FASHION:  Up to 70% off sales

Up to 75% off sales items
Up to 30% off full price items


Shop the look:

MISSOMA: Gold Horn Pendant
                       25% OFF SITE

MISSOMA: Mini fang necklace
                 25% OFF SITE

MISSOMA Coin Hoops
                25% OFF SITE

MISSOMA: Roman Coin necklace
                25% OFF SITE

Jeans glorious Jeans:

Shop the look:


NET A PORTER- up to 50% off

TOPSHOP: 50% off everything


Cosey trackie bottoms:

Shop the look:

TOPSHOP- 50% off everything

PRETTY LITTLE THING - 30% off everything
                                                 CODE: ITSON
                                                 VALID UNTIL 23RD

NET A PORTER -  up to 50% off



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Our Favourite Autumnal Accessories

Autumn is well and truly upon us and to be honest we’re extremely happy about it. No…not about the colder days and darker nights but instead for the cozy knits and endless layers of clothing.

We both agree that during the winter, it’s not always the easiest to maintain a glamorous look when jeans, wooly knits and jackets prevail but one thing that can give you that edge is accessorising your outfits, whether that’s a cute pendant, stacks of rings or a statement clutch.  

This month we’ve linked up with the accessories brand, Accessorize, in order to style up our autumn looks with some of our new, favourite pieces!

For us, Autumn and winter are always busy in terms of parties, DJing and events, so it’s important for us to pick looks and pieces that we can wear in the day but that are also versatile enough to wear at night , dressed up with our favourite party outfits! The smaller clutch bags in the Accessorise collection alongside their jewellery (which can be layered and stacked for a more glamorous look) are the perfect additions to achieve this.

As most of you know, we love our simple jewellery and it’s rare to see us rocking bold statement pieces very often, so we chose some of Accessorize’s rings that match our style perfectly. Super simple stacking rings both in gold and silver which pair amazingly with any type of colour of outfit. Both of us normally wear gold however Accessorise have some amazing silver rings so I personally thought I’d change it up a bit and rock the silver, where Jordan has stuck with her staple gold. Perfect for both a casual day out shopping or a fancy evening dinner party. You just can’t go wrong with these simple, stacking rings.

One thing you’ll always see us wearing with any outfit (even pyjamas sometimes) are pendants, and this season, Accessorize have some super cute ones we just had to get our hands on. A few that we are obsessed with at the moment are those with stars and moons on. We’re absolutely loving this pattern at the moment, which you’ll probably gather by the two matching clutches we’re wearing as well, both covered in gold stars. And… if that wasn’t enough, we also chose matching style berets. Stars galore! Talking of berets….there does seem to be a resurgence of the beret this season and we’re loving it. French, elegant and sassy! We both recently changed up our hairstyles for the winter, and there’s nothing like a cute hat to accentuate them. ‘Beret nice indeed!’

As well as the starry clutch bags we also chose a couple of cute over the shoulder navy, furry body bags which again are perfect for both the day and night and you can release the strap on them for a perfectly party ready clutch. We both wore them last week on a cheeky shopping spree around Notting Hill and wore them the same evening when out Djing in Camden at Oktoberfest. Transitional or what!

Talking about Djing, I’m sure other female DJs out there would agree, the last thing you want to be worrying about when playing to a crowd of hundreds of people, is lugging around a huge bag with you and having to faff around with all your unnecessary items lost amongst a jumble of mess. (Maybe we speak for ourselves here in regards to the jumble of mess!) A small bag is the the perfect choice when heading to play your music at a set. If you’re like us, we only DJ off USB’s now, which makes things a lot easier and a lot lighter. So having a small cute clutch bag or an off the shoulder bag to simply chuck your USBs, phone and money in, is literally all you need! Hence why we’ve chosen a few from Accessorise this season. Not only stylish but super practical! Where do the headphones go then? I hear you say… Just around our necks….We’re cool like that ;)

Now I'm not sure about you guys but we always find jewellery boxes hard to keep our dainty necklaces and pendants in, so draping them over decorative cocktail glasses seems rather fitting and stops the necklaces from knotting, it also looks pretty cute, bonus.  

We’ve included a variety of casual day-time and smarter evening wear shots amongst our images to illustrate the transitional nature of the Accessorise pieces we’ve chosen this Autumn. We’ve already been wearing these pieces constantly: Come day, come night, come lunch dates, come dinner parties, come shopping sprees, come DJ gigs, you name it, these pieces are a perfect match for all of these occasions. All we can say is, thank god the stigma attached to wearing the same clothes isn’t attached to wearing the same accessories, if so, we’d be guilty of some serious fashion faux pas! 

Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 03.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 45.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 09.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 50.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 35 (1).jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 13.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 39.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 49 57 (1).jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 07 00.jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 14 20.jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 11 42.jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 19 09.jpg


Shop the look:

Stirling silver jet earrings | Accessorize
Star studded beret | Accessorize
Gold star clutch bag | Accessorize
Silver triple rings | Accessorize
Silver stack ring | Accessorize
Silver feather ring | Accessorize
Silver swarovski ring | Accessorize
Nevada bracelet pack | Accessorize
Mini leopard print bag | Accessorize
Gold ring set | Accessorise
Gold stone bracelet | Accesorize
Astrid Pendant | Accessorise
Moon & Rocket Pendant | Accessorise
Hand Meaningful necklace | Accessorise
Furry Cross Body Bag | Accessorize



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