A Magique Experience!

We're always amazed at how fast London Fashion Week goes, with so much preparation & nervous anticipation the week can flash before your eyes without a second to stop, breath and digest it all, and that's exactly how it felt for Loanne and I. 

It was a week of running between show to show, outfit changes, DJ'ing, exciting presentations, networking and rushing around like headless chickens. Headless chickens aside, it was an epic few days and a certain few things that admittedly kept us going such as our stop over at L'Eden by Perrier-Jouët.

For those who are not yet familiar with it, L'Eden by Perrier-Jouët is an immersive lifestyle experience curated by prestigious champagne brand, Perrier-Jouët Located at 147 Wardour street, right in the hub of the city, (ideal!) The brand has created an immersive experience surrounding a new vision of nature and an unexpected contrast in the urban city of London. Sounds almost magical right?

Well we went to check it out on Thursday and loved it so much we came back to the space three times during LFW. On entering, there’s an awesome installation which includes a vertical system of 3-D printed elements suspended from the ceiling on a network of brass tubes which grow down from the ceiling, like branches of a tree. Suspended on these are the champagne glasses, which you can take off and serve champagne at your disposal! Fancy, hey?

Downstairs is where the magic happens. It’s the worlds first bio-responsive garden, an installation which mimics the movements of the visitors, complete with a hidden eden cellar. Really cool yet slightly trippy. Loanne and I spent a good fifteen minutes in here before our DJ gig, prancing around like whimsical witches and feeling like we were in Alice in Wonderland. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who fancies trying something new, fun, magical and immersive.

It was all topped off when we went for dinner with the Perrier-Jouët team on Monday, to learn more about the history of the champagnes and sample their exquisite menu, which was selected primarily to compliment the taste of three different champagnes.

For those of you who love art instillations and a obligatory glass of luxurious champagne, the space is open to the public from the 23rd-25th so make sure you check it out, it's nothing short of magique!!!

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