'Start the new year as you mean to carry on' and that's certainly what we've been doing! Since coming back from our travels and setting ourselves some stealth new years resolutions (and sticking to the majority of them you'll be pleased to know) we mean serious business!

Now serious business entails looking the part at all times. I won't lie and say it's easy to look and feel the part constantly, (especially after Christmas) most days Loanne and I love nothing more than chilling in our trackkies with no makeup and just slodging, yes SLODGING! Haha 

What I can say though is that it really helps to have items in your wardrobe that instantly make you feel like a power house, those effortless items that require no effort to work with, that tuck you in, in all the right places, well that's exactly where our RESERVED items come into play!

Jordan is wearing the black trench coat which you can slip over anything, jeans, a dress. The fit is great and accentuates the waist, dress it up or down, this coat is a serious winner and the inside detailing has a cute poetic message inside. I've paired it with a pair of grey suede boots, cute and simple.

Loanne is wearing a lovely silk polka dot shirt (I'm a sucker for anything polka dot, even if it's out of fashion i'll still  be wearing it until the day I die!) she's paired it with some silk high-waisted black palazzo pants which is extremely flattering for the figure! We love a bit of silk on silk, it's sophisticated, sexy and just utterly dreamy! Kinda got that PJama feel but that's the vibe we go for! 

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