Our Top 4 Summer Hangouts In London

I think we've all been feeling pretty let down by the British weather this year, but let's be honest, we know how temperamental it can be, and after all it would't be a British summer without a brolly in one hand and an ice-cream in the other. Well on a brighter note, we have high hopes for August and September and have collated a few of our fave London hot spots that you'll no doubt be finding us at this Summer (weather permitting of course!)

Pergola on the Roof

Pergola on the Roof certainly sits at the top of our list this year, it's West London's new rooftop dining experience, that is situated 170 ft. high under a canopy of beautiful flowers, that resembles the Mediterranean. It's a really chilled vibe and the food options are divine, think Patty & Bun, Lecoq and BBQ food galore. The drinks are relatively cheap, which is why we glugged down a few G&T's whilst soaking in the beautiful surroundings. This really is a great venue for friends as well as singletons who want to meet people. Those who are a little shy to approach people (which is the norm nowadays as we all hide behind our mobile phones.. Guilty!) Apps like Badoo allow you to see people nearby and connect through the app, so if you're single living in London and want to meet someone, head to Pergola, download Badoo and off you go! Pergola is only open until 29th August 2016 so make sure you experience it while it lasts! 

Lyric Hammersmith

 The Lyric Hammersmith is a modern theatre that boasts a delicious bar and exotic rooftop. We were lucky enough to be DJ'ing there this weekend for Planet Manna (a yoga-themed, fitness festival/ event) which by the way was amazing! The vibe is chilled and there are bean bags spotted around the venue which you can chill out on, have a glass of vino and take in the surroundings. The rooftop is covered by greenery which transcends you to an oasis deep within the amazon rainforest. (Okay a bit too much, but the venue is super cool!) Perfect for a chilled afternoon with good amigos!

Evans & Peel detective agency Speakeasy

Ever wanted to be a detective? Or immersed into a world of secret spies? Bored of your local hangout and mundane cocktail order? Then you have to try one of our new favourite bars. Evans and Peel! Tucked away in the streets of Earls court, this place is like no bar you've ever been too. You become immersed in to this world of spies, secrets and detectives and if you're us, even more immersed in to their delicious choice of cocktails! My personal favourite is the Margarita Lechera a soft, lightly spiced version of everyone's favourite classic BUT you also should try the First Date cocktail. A sweet and spicy take on a classic daquiri. Delish.

Up for a fun and different night? This is the place for you, and us for that matter! 

 Bussey Building Rooftop Cinema

There’s nothing more romantic than watching a great movie beneath the stars on a warm summers evening. And we just happen to know the perfect place!
The rooftop film club at the Bussey building is located in the heart of Peckham Rye. It has stunning panoramic views of London's skyline and screens a selection of classics and new releases.
This is no doubt the perfect place for a first date, beautiful setting, romantic and fun and if you're feeling slightly nervous (which we all feel on a first date, come'on!), you can take the edge off by sipping on one of the renowned spirit mixers at the Rooftop bar. They serve delicious cocktails and liqueur desserts which is sure to ease you in to conversation.
An absolutely great way to spend a warm summers evening. Even if you're short of some company,  Badoo will allow you to connect with likeminded people, and what a great first date an open air cinema would be...I'm sure it wouldn't be just the film you'd be watching. Hehe.