La Vida Loca

It's not often your friend throws an extravagant 30th birthday and rents a beautiful castle in the middle of the hot beautiful hills of Salamanca. This, however was a rare occasion, an amazing get together of great people, incredible fun, sun, music, poolside, sundowners, incredible settings and a few too many platters of meat and sweaty cheese.

Castillo del Buen Amor is located in the middle of Salamanca, a rare and beautiful XV century castle surrounded by vineyards, mazes and lakes. We spent three days exploring the grounds and having a bit too much fun with the 80 odd other party goers there!

We then drove up to the wonderful city of Madrid and had a few days of great food, city strolling, park roaming and stunning rooftops which made for a few great last days in the City, until we had to depart.

We ate in an AMAZING tapas place called Lateral - literally every dish was to die for, so I would highly recommend going and the atmosphere is super chilled. Three jugs of Sangria, more red wine and 50 odd tapas plates later, we were done and went to hit up the night in Madrid.

Going on the boats in El Parque Retero is a must and if you, like us, luckily have a friend who has an amazing roof terrace then crack open a bottle of wine, get the BBQ sizzling and watch the stunning city of Madrid twinkle as the sun sets over the city. That's how we spent our last night. Perfection.

We will be back soon, Madrid. Hasta Lluego! 

ps - Sorry about the shortage of photos (Think we may have had a bit too much fun!) 



L & J x x x


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