Turkey - Alanya

There’s just something about Turkey that keeps pulling me back, hence my fourth visit this year! 

This time,  Loanne and I were invited to try out Cook’s Club, a chilled-out and contemporary hotel which is part of the new collection of Thomas Cooks hotels.  It is nestled in the heart of vibrant Alanya which is the perfect base for night-time escapades and cocktails galore. Built with the modern traveller in mind, the design, food, drink and lively atmosphere is ideal for a getaway with either friends or a with a partner.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the reception area had a stylish yet simplistic design, with brightly coloured authentic Turkish pillows and beautiful wicker chairs on display, creating an exquisite look with a comfortable feel.

The hotel is situated on the cusp of Kleopatra Beach so ideal for a morning dip in the sea!   The setting is beautiful and there are designated sun beds allocated to the hotel so make sure you wake up early doors to grab one as the beach understandably gets super busy during the day. 

Loanne and I shared a double room  with a small balcony that overlooked both the pool and the beach. The room was equipped with a mini kitchen and small lounge area so it felt more like a studio apartment. Our room was situated above the beach bar so for those who love music most evenings, its home from home but for those of you who may be light sleepers, be sure to pack your ear plugs! 

A big bonus for those of you who are restless travellers -  there are numerous activities to get involved in from boat trips, water sports and relaxing spa treatments. 

Loanne and I got involved in a cooking class where we worked our magic at making a tasty Mediterranean sea bass dish with vegetables. We also had a superb massage in the spa which was wonderfully relaxing.

Every afternoon we had lunch at the Cantina, the central dining hub that resembled a  modern uni canteen where you could choose from a selection of fresh salads/ fish or burgers, whatever tickles ya fancy! My favourite was a delicious fresh Greek salad with homemade lemonade! For dinner we would sit in the outside bar.  The waiters were so friendly and considerate that they would move our table onto the sand so that we could enjoy the most beautiful dinner setting.  Try to beat that physical sensation of bare toes in the sand whilst watching the sun set over the beach, sipping on rose and eating fresh fish and salad. 

This place is undoubtedly for music and party lovers.  On Saturday evening we took to the decks to play some chilled house tunes whilst the sun was going down and having met the resident DJ who was playing some absolute tunes, we were then treated to escorting him to another beach club where he was playing too.

I have to confess I would never usually consider doing a package holiday but the  simple and seamless process, from the minute we stepped off the plane to the moment we boarded again has convinced me  that if you're looking to sit back, relax and have all the activities you want on your doorstep plus a Thomas Cook Rep helping you with any itinerary and organising your transport, there's a great deal to be said for the Cook's Club.  You'll get a modest, laid back setting with party vibes and it will fit most budgets too.


  • Try the delicious cocktails and watch the sun set at the bar

  • Try the Hammam

  • Party with the resident DJ

  • Do the Boat trip (sadly we didn’t get to do this but from what we saw it looked FUN!)


  • Bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper

  • Get up early to get a sun bed on the beach, the beach gets very busy

  • Pack your own shampoos & toothpaste

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