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Two weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have our first experience on a private jet! (Woohoo) We were taken out to Sopot, Poland with fashion brand 'Reserved' to celebrate their upcoming store launch on Oxford Street. It was a flying visit to learn more about the history of the brand and to get an exclusive preview of their amazing new collection ahead of the store opening. 

For those of who don’t know, Reserved is Poland’s most famous fashion brand, a Polish fashion chain that offers trend led fast fashion for men, women and children. It is classed as an affordable Eastern European clothing retailer with similarities to H&M and Zara for its on-trend pieces. If you live in London, I'd be surprised if you hadn't come across their Autumn/ Winter 2017 Global campaign which is dotted round the city's underground, billboards and buses featuring the one and only Kate Moss. Their store is now open on Oxford Street and it's pretty beaut, so I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Whilst in Poland, we stayed in the luxurious five-star Grand hotel which is located at the seaside of the Gdansk Bay, in the heart of the town and next to the beach. Who knew that Poland had a beach, and a pretty lovely one to say the least?! Unfortunately we didn't get to explore Poland too much but we heard through the grapevine Sopot really is the place to be! Renound for its health spas, sandy beach and its long wooden pier that extends into the Bay of Gdańsk! Hopefully we'll get the chance to revisit Poland and if so, we'll make sure to explore the beautiful city and all it has to offer.

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