Woodstock Babes

It’s that time of year again when the festival season begins, the sun is out in its full glory and the quest for the best festival attire begins...

This summer we'll be DJing at El Dorado festival in Herefordshire and at the last ever Secret Garden Party, which we’re super excited for and hopefully a few more we can announce shortly!

Now, what's a festival without a great outfit to match? I wouldn't say either of us are normally ones to go ALL out but we do love a good summery piece that you can dress up and make even more extravagant with tonnes of glitter and lots of face paint.

So we've teamed up with ASOS and picked some of their dreamy pieces from their festival range which suits our festival style perfectly!

There's nothing worse than being super uncomfortable at a festival when you really just want to dance to your heart’s content, that's why you can't beat the combo of denim shorts and a loose crop top that Loanne has chosen in these photos.  Simple yet cool...We love that look!

The baker boy hat is our statement piece which certainly adds that hippy/ ‘Woodstock’ vibe to any festival outfit. Now, when it’s really hot, there’s nothing you want more than to be in floaty, light-weight materials so the red crop top and black skirt we chose here are absolute musts!

These ASOS pieces are perfect additions to our festival wardrobe, the question now is what are we more excited about.... the festival itself, or wearing our new outfits!

Photo 15-06-2017, 15 12 40.jpg
Photo 15-06-2017, 15 38 45.jpg
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