Loanne and I are not your stereotypical siblings! Not only do we work together, socialise together & live together we can pretty much read what the other is thinking as well as finish off each others sentences. Yes.... I know you're thinking we're those annoying twins who are sickeningly synchronized or you may be confused as to how two people can spend so much time together?  (We sometimes ask ourselves the same question haha!) But trust me we do have our differences and we definitely don't share boyfriends! 

So as Valentine's is fast approaching we teamed up with Accessorize to celebrate the ultimate 'BAE goals.'  in which Loanne and I chose a few accessories to gift one another. For Loanne (the elder twin with shorter hair and a shorter temper) I chose a black clutch and a stack of silver rings. It's super easy picking gifts for one another as we basically choose what we want for ourselves. (We have the same tastes in accessories of course!) And so Loanne picked identical  pieces for me, a blue clutch and a stack of cute twilight rings. We're always out and about at events so we can  never have enough clutches. These Accessorize bags are super cute, big enough to fit our essentials in but small enough to forget we're lugging something around.

Loanne also gifted me a super cute embroided diary with my initial on. I don't know about you guys but I always appreciate a personalized gift as it makes me think someone has gone the extra mile to show they really care!  Thank Lo! 

So we exchanged gifts in the best way possible way- Over rose lattes, cheesy toasties and a slice of banana loaf and were very happy with one another's choices (obviously.) The remainder of the day was spent giggling away, trying on each other's gifts and doodling in my new notepad about some silly 'twin thing!' 


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