Wanderlust 2016

"For once you have tasted flight, 
You will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
For there you have been and there you will long to return"

Leonardo Da Vinci

When it comes to travelling you could say we're extremely lucky. Growing up in Portugal, studying in Brazil and frequently visiting holiday homes in Spain and Thailand has resulted in our inability to settle in one place for too long. Escaping the hustle and bustle of London life is an absolute must and the proximity of warm air, sandy skin, breathtaking sunsets and salty hair comes as second nature.
2015 was one of the quietest years in terms of travel and so I have resolved to make a 2016 bucket list of places I would love to go this year in the true hope that it reinforces me to save, book and just go! This blog post is an attempt for me to tick off at least two of these destinations before the end of the year!
Any one who has tips of things to do and places to go in these destinations, holla!!

First up is the wonderfully, beautiful:

Santorini, Greece - 

There's just something about those white washed villas and sky blue roofs that's so enticing. The sunsets, the wine, the light, the food....
And I mean, if there was a villa to stay in, it would have to be this one:


Venice, Italy-

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that the idea of no cars or roadways, truly appeals to me. The thought of travelling merely by boat through canals is exciting! The City's grand canal which snakes through its narrow, mazelike alleys and small squares makes Venice an absolute must see!

Cape Town, SA - 

Now let's face it, there seems to be no place more beautiful, fun and inexpensive to escape too than Cape Town. When we're all freezing our socks off here in the UK, Cape town is the perfect place to escape the dark and frosty winter nights.



Saint Lucia -

I believe we all deserve a bit of luxury now and then, don't we? And that every now and then for me would have to be in Saint Lucia. The serenity, the calm and the beauty of the island illustrate nature at its finest. Or in the words of the country itself  "The Land, The People, The Light".

Lo xxx

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