Coachella best dressed!

This is one festival I would love to go too! Having just finished last week, the photos have made me red with envy! It's going to be my aim to go to a Coachella in the next five years! Haha.
Browsing through the countless festival-goers and celebrities that attended Coachella, I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with peoples festival attire! I really don't think the Americans have that edgy/cool vibe like the British do! Maybe I'm just biased? But I can spend hours looking at the diverse and experimental style that young British fashionistas embody.
Anyway I managed to seek out a few inspirational festival-goers who seemed to have their outfits down to a T!
Hope you like.

                               The Beautiful Zoe Kravitz with boyfriend Penn Badgely. I love the white
                               crop top (my fave colour this season!) paired with the denim shorts and a cute   

                               pair of shoes and sunnies to top of that simple but cool festival look.

                             Massive fan of the oversized retro glasses paired with a navy polka dot blouse
                             and a black hat to give it that extra edge!

                             Nicole Richie always looks effortless, even if she's wearing her pjamas!
                             Her sunnies are definately my favourite item, I can't get enough of the round
                             oversized sunglasses this season and Nicole Richie wears them perfectly.

                              The stunning Atlanta Cadenet is wearing a vintage number with a pair of

                              ankle cow boy boots. She manages to pull the look off  as shes just                  utterely gorgeous!!
                                  This girl pulls of a very simple look,
                                  The sunnies make the outfit for me