Cook’s Club - Alanya

There’s just something about Turkey that keeps pulling me back, hence my fourth visit this year! 

This time,  Loanne and I had the privilege to stay at Cook’s Club, a chilled-out and contemporary hotel which is part of the new collection of Thomas Cooks hotels.  It is nestled in the heart of vibrant Alanya which is the perfect base for night-time escapades and cocktails galore. Built with the modern traveller in mind, the design, food, drink and lively atmosphere is ideal for a getaway with either friends or a with a partner.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the reception area had a stylish yet simplistic design, with brightly coloured authentic Turkish pillows and beautiful wicker chairs on display, creating an exquisite look with a comfortable feel.

The hotel is situated on the cusp of Kleopatra Beach so ideal for a morning dip in the sea!   The setting is beautiful and there are designated sun beds allocated to the hotel so make sure you wake up early doors to grab one as the beach understandably gets super busy during the day. 

Loanne and I shared a double room  with a small balcony that overlooked both the pool and the beach. The room was equipped with a mini kitchen and small lounge area so it felt more like a studio apartment. Our room was situated above the beach bar so for those who love music most evenings, its home from home but for those of you who may be light sleepers, be sure to pack your ear plugs! 

A big bonus for those of you who are restless travellers -  there are numerous activities to get involved in from boat trips, water sports and relaxing spa treatments. 

Loanne and I got involved in a cooking class where we worked our magic at making a tasty Mediterranean sea bass dish with vegetables. We also had a superb massage in the spa which was wonderfully relaxing.

Every afternoon we had lunch at the Cantina, the central dining hub that resembled a  modern uni canteen where you could choose from a selection of fresh salads/ fish or burgers, whatever tickles ya fancy! My favourite was a delicious fresh Greek salad with homemade lemonade! For dinner we would sit in the outside bar.  The waiters were so friendly and considerate that they would move our table onto the sand so that we could enjoy the most beautiful dinner setting.  Try to beat that physical sensation of bare toes in the sand whilst watching the sun set over the beach, sipping on rose and eating fresh fish and salad. 

This place is undoubtedly for music and party lovers.  On Saturday evening we took to the decks to play some chilled house tunes whilst the sun was going down and having met the resident DJ who was playing some absolute tunes, we were then treated to escorting him to another beach club where he was playing too.

I have to confess I would never usually consider doing a package holiday but the  simple and seamless process, from the minute we stepped off the plane to the moment we boarded again has convinced me  that if you're looking to sit back, relax and have all the activities you want on your doorstep plus a Thomas Cook Rep helping you with any itinerary and organising your transport, there's a great deal to be said for the Cook's Club.  You'll get a modest, laid back setting with party vibes and it will fit most budgets too.


  • Try the delicious cocktails and watch the sun set at the bar

  • Try the Hammam

  • Party with the resident DJ

  • Do the Boat trip (sadly we didn’t get to do this but from what we saw it looked FUN!)


  • Bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper

  • Get up early to get a sun bed on the beach, the beach gets very busy

  • Pack your own shampoos & toothpaste

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2019-07-09 12.01.08 3.jpg
2019-07-09 12.29.24 1.jpg
2019-07-09 12.40.28 1 (1).jpg
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Boutique, Bohemian & Beautiful Ibiza - Es Cucons

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Ibiza’ ? 

Let me guess? Party? Music? DJs?  

Well, if it’s not, you certainly haven’t experienced Ibiza the way I normally have, or you’ve just been lucky enough to experience the natural beauty of the country without having to exhaust yourself partying pretty much the whole time (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing!)

This trip, however,  I experienced the latter at the beautiful “Es Cucons”, a small, boutique hotel hidden in the remote valley of almonds in the magical Santa Agnes in Western Ibiza. It is a little slice of heaven which I discovered through i-escape (the travel experts that have handpicked the world’s most beautiful hidden gems and boutique hotels) and trust me when I say, this really was hidden gem! This is the second time we’ve worked with them, so I knew to trust their opinions on finding the best accommodation to suit our needs. The setting, staff, food, rooms, ambience was truly exceptional.

Even though Es Cucons seems far from the madding crowd, don’t be put off. It is actually only half an hour away from the airport and fifteen minutes from San Antonio, for those that still want a party. Even more importantly, it is only a ten minute drive to Cala Salada beach (perhaps one of the most picturesque beaches I have been to in Ibiza) Clay coloured cliffs with hidden trails wind down to the most beautiful clear transparent waters and white sands of Cala Saladeta (the small neibouring beach). Tip :Make sure to go for an evening dip and catch the sun as it sets. The sky and surrounding landscape transforms into a beautiful orangey pink colour.

My friend Robyn and I arrived to Es Cucons around midnight and were greeted by one of the lovely owners of the hotel, Maria, who, despite the after hours, offered us food from the kitchen (even though it had just closed) to which we were greeted by a delicious platter of fresh hams, cheeses, bread, olives and tapenade. We were immediately in food heaven and so grateful at the immediate hospitality we received. Not the kind of treatment you would get in a normal hotel, that’s for sure! This set the precedence for the following few days, the food and service was outstanding. Lots of fresh salad options and sharing platters for lunch and beautifully fresh cooked fish and vegetables for dinner (tip - go for the John Dory and roasted vegetables for an evening meal. Delicious.) Breakfast is a buffet option offering a range of meats, cheeses, fruit platters, pastries, fresh OJ and smoked sausages, plus cooked options to order such as eggs, waffles you name it…we went for the pancakes every morning with fresh fruit, nutella, honey and chia seeds. Winner!

With fifteen shabby chic bedrooms, each one has its own distinct style and personality. We were in room 1, right at the back with its own private balcony, pond and a beautiful view of the valley beyond. The white washed walls and interior of the room is humble and cosey with a beautiful ensuite and a big bath tub… which we made use pretty much every day.

The weather was beautiful whilst we were there so a couple of the days were simply spent relaxing by the pool, a book in one hand and iced coffee in the other. The atmosphere was so tranquil, which I absolutely loved and at times it felt like we were the only ones there. Although we had ambitious plans to rent a car and explore Ibiza for the following few days, we were so wowed by the beauty and zen of the place, we decided to stay put and immerse ourselves in what the hotel itself had to offer.

We decided to get involved in the morning yoga sessions, which they have every few weeks, free of charge. This started at 11am and was a beautiful and relaxing way to start the day. We also took out their bicycles and went for a lovely morning cycle round the valley, which i would highly recommend doing. We also explored another scenic route by jogging one morning which was definitely worth it and there are lots of hiking trails that you can do too! If your looking to relax, you can also book in massages which we did after our activities. Absolute bliss.

The thing I loved about this place was the family feel to the running of it. The staff are so hospitable and welcoming, making you feel like like you’re part of the family. They were keen to lend a helping hand whenever we wanted, giving recommendations, helping out with luggage and even helping out with a first aid kit when I managed to fall off my bicycle and cut all my arms and legs! (Typical)

The setting and decor of the place is absolutely stunning. Very boho chic. The website itself does not do the place justice, so I really hope some of my images do, but you just can’t quite explain the serenity and sense of calm you feel, as you sip on an ice cold cocktail and soak up the sun, overlooking the long stretch of almond valleys beyond whilst listening to the birds tweeting and fully immersing yourself in to what I would now call, the best part of Ibiza.

2019-06-04 09.14.36 1.jpg
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Outfit 1

Pink Kimono - Paloma Blue
Black Bikini - Ode and Raye
Ray Bans
Basket - Cult Gaia

Outfit 2
Silk Shirt - Rouje
Leopord Print Bikini - HnM
Ray Bans
Gold chain - Daisy Jewellery

Outfit 3
Leopord Print bikini - & Saunter

Outfit 4
Black jumpsuit - &OtherStories

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A little slice of paradise at Hillside

As seasoned travellers or if I'm honest, probably weekly travellers, I’d like to feel we have a reasonable idea of what would constitute as 'a place worth ticking off your bucket list'.

Obviously this decision will always come down to personal taste and generally, I’m more of a sucker for a beautiful setting as opposed to the quality and aesthetics of a hotel. As adventurers, being in the great outdoors, exploring the location and being inundated with optional activities is key, and this is precisely what Hillside resort offers you. With most of their guests being returning customers, that is an accolade in itself.

So when, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited on a press trip to Hillside, I was simply stunned by how beautiful and serene the resort was predominantly for its private and secluded coves and beaches. Hillside is located on the the gorgeous coastline of Turkey in Fethiye, a port city on Turkey's southwestern Turquoise Coast and is nestled among pine-covered hills with its own beautiful private cove which is home to three pebbly beaches.  This little slice of paradise caters for everyone from families with kids to adventure seekers, couples or even individuals who just want a digital detox.

With a variety of activities to get involved in from water sports, excursions, child friendly activities, spa treatments, adult-only beaches and mouth-watering food this really is for everyone. Below I’ve briefly outlined some tips and must do’s if you head there!

TIPS: Go just before peak season (May or beginning June). We went in May and it was the perfect time, not too busy with endless space on the beach and nothing less than a perfect temperature of around 24 degrees. Note that the beaches themselves are not huge so I can imagine them getting busy in peak times.


  • Have a massage in the Sanda nature day spa. It’s nestled up in the forest and surrounded by running waterfalls which is simply magical. I had a relaxing one hour body massage followed by an uplifting ginger tea and fresh fruit  

  • Watch a film under the stars on the beach. At Hillside they run summer screenings and as this was my first time experiencing and outdoor cinema, I was SO excited about it. We snuggled up with blankets and popcorn and watched an old black and white film whilst looking at the stars. The perfect evening that certainly lived up to the hype. 

  • Morning yoga on the silent beach. I couldn’t think of a more zen and peaceful place to do this surrounded by pine trees and the sound of birds and the crashing waves. The icing on the cake was a 5 minute shoulder massage by the massage therapists after the class.

  • The sunset beach tour. A group of us spent sunset on a beautiful boat sipping wine and cheese tasting whilst also getting involved in a sound healing and meditation session which proved to be the ultimate relaxation. A memorable evening spent at sea.

  • Dine at Pasha restaurant on the bay, it serves up incredible Mediterranean style cuisine and later the ambience spices up further with a DJ! Also do check out the main restaurant which serves up an unparalleled buffet experience… you may be aware of how much Loanne and I love our food and I was so spoiled for choice here... there were no less than 20 different desserts from Oreo cake to Souffle to Pannacotta, Creme Brûlée and various flavours of ice creams - you name it, it was there. The Nutella ice-cream was to die for though.. 

  • Swim, swim and swim. The beaches and private coves for me are what made this place so magical. The twinkling turquoise sea is absolutely beautiful, it’s cold but makes you feel so ALIVE if you spend long enough in it! I swam out to the pontoon every day and soaked up the sun rays. Pure, unadulterated bliss.

Personally, I will certainly be returning to Hillside again and maybe even next time for my own luxurious digital detox....

2019-05-11 10.30.08 1.jpg
2019-05-12 08.16.05 1.jpg
2019-05-20 04.58.38 1.jpg
2019-05-20 05.24.56 1.jpg
2019-05-10 08.45.29 1.jpg
2019-05-10 08.34.07 1 (1).jpg
2019-05-20 05.34.09 1 (1).jpg
2019-05-10 08.41.07 1.jpg
2019-05-12 07.55.22 1.jpg
2019-05-12 10.02.20 1.jpg
2019-05-12 10.18.10 1 (1).jpg
2019-05-12 08.20.48 1.jpg
2019-05-20 05.28.54 1 (1).jpg
2019-05-12 08.11.43 1 (1).jpg
2019-05-11 10.48.45 1.jpg
2019-05-20 05.22.23 1.jpg
2019-05-20 05.16.13 1.jpg

Outfit 1 -

White dress: Reformation

White boots: Kin, John Lewis & Partners

Outfit 2

Yellow knit jumper

Yellow silk skirt: ZARA

Brown bag: Estee Lauder

Outfit 3

Beige beach dress - ZARA

Black trench boots - H&M


Outfit 4

Long pendant necklace


Woman figure necklace

Check dress: Urban Outfitters

The Secret Spot Of Sal, Cape Verde

Sal is one of the most popular of the ten Cape Verdean islands, located just off the North West coast of Africa.

If you’re looking for a slice of authentic African landscape and culture, you will still very much find it here but with undeniable European influence prevalent amongst its architecture, language and religion. The mix of the two makes for a beautiful place to visit. You will be amazed by the amount of different languages you hear in Sal, yet English seems to be amongst the few. Portuguese and Creole are the native languages, where I admit I felt pretty in my element having grown up in Portugal!

Along with its beautiful stretches of sandy beaches and turquoise blue water, the barren African landscape, the sand pans, the incredibly delicious food, the warm weather year round and the vibrant and buzzing streets of Santa Maria, Sal should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit.

I flew out for a week in mid January with my friend for a week of relaxation. The flight is just short of six hours, which actually seemed to go by extremely quickly. As I landed and left the airport,  I was instantly surprised by the raw and undeveloped state of the island. Still so untouched by tourists, with long stretches of barren desert land and salt flats for miles. A country that has not yet properly been discovered nor built on or developed by the tourism industry. An island with heaps of potential and beauty, unfortunately crying out for development and tourism. I guarentee it will be a very different place in five to ten years with development plans for new hotels and casinos already under way.  

Sal is famous for its wind. It is one of the worlds top destinations for wind and kite surfers and you will often see hundreds on the beaches and worldwide competitions taking place here. The wind was quite strong when I was there but in the summer months it gets less so and makes sunbathing that bit more pleasurable, not that it wasn’t, but a wind shelter is definitely recommended. The average temperature when I was there was around 25 degrees but in the summer months it warms up to the late 20s/30s.

The town of Santa Maria is an idyllic fishing village dotted with Crayola-coloured buildings, cobbled streets and palm trees on every street corner which has given way to it name as ‘The African Caribbean’. Walk along the strip in the evening and dance away to live bands, reggae bars and friendly locals dancing and drinking in the streets. There’s also a handful of amazing restaurants along here and the food is divine. Lots of local fresh produce and fish is one of their specialities. Try a small restaurant called ‘O Carangueijo’, translated as ‘The Crab’ in English. It’s rather humble exterior doesn’t do justice to its mouth-watering menu. Try the Black Squid Ink with Seafood. It will leave you literally salivating! *Drool *

With the local mantra being ‘No Stress’, there is a nice sense of calm and uninhibitedness on the island which I absolutely loved. It was so easy to feel at peace and relaxed. Chilling on the beach was my favourite pastime throughout the week ( no surprise there, I’m sure). Although, if you know me, I do also love a good party and good music and one place that is quite different due to its more luxurious and modern vibe is ‘Bikini Beach’. A beautiful beach club stretching fourty metres in to the ocean which boasts amazing views from its modern white terraces. Bikini beach is perfect for day parties watching the sunset over the Atlantic ocean whilst listening to local and international DJs spin their tunes.

Another reason I am keen to return is due to the amount activities and things there are  to do on the island, which due to my persistence in ‘just chilling’ we didn’t get round to do! However, I hope by some of the images and video, you get a feel for the beauty and rawness of the island. You can go shark watching, quad biking, kite surfing, island boat tours, floating in a salt mine and many more, so if I were you I would plan a trip to the secret spot of Sal, Cape Verde, whilst it still remains as untouched, authentic and as beautiful as it is.

Loie x x

2019-01-18 08.57.32 1.jpg
2019-01-18 08.55.50 1.jpg
London Fashion Week 19

And breathe! It was another busy fashion week filled with shows/ presentations and cocktail parties galore! Here’s a round-up of all of our LFW outfits. We kept it casual as per with the classic white and black palette and threw in a few stripes, chequers and buttons for good measure!

All outfit links below the images.

Collyer Twins - Amber-Rose Smith 6.jpg
2019-02-17 06.39.08 1.jpg
2019-02-18 11.38.44 2.jpg
BB2C9569-C122-4DFF-B8A6-BFE79077FD11 (1).jpeg
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What to wear in Thailand

If you can trust anyone to be escaping the winter months and spending another Christmas basking in the sun, you can guarantee it will be us…And us it was! We decided to jet off to Thailand for Christmas and New Years swapping the snow for the sun, the sofa for the beach and the indulgent roast dinner for delicious Thai currys. Nom, nom, nom!

Now, if you’re looking for recommendations of where to stay and where to go in Thailand, I’m not sure this blog post will be highly appropriate for you. We didn’t venture too far out of Phuket (aside Krabi) as we have a house out there, in a southerly point called Rawai, that my dad built 6 years ago. However, I will highlight some of the other places we visited and stayed at. (Worth mentioning if you are heading out there any time soon!)

Instead, this blog post, I hope, is well suited for you sun loving babies( like us) that will jump at any opportunity to escape the winter months and are in need of a bit of wardrobe inspiration when hitting hotter, even humid, climates at this time of year.
Below all of our images we’ve listed where everything is from with links to where you can buy them.

So for those of you that have been to Thailand at Christmas you’ll know, you’re usually guaranteed hot weather, it can also be quite humid and a few downpours here and there, they aren’t known to last long at all though. With this in mind, it can be more than common to OVER PACK, which from experience, is a big mistake. In fact I think the whole fifteen days, I wore my flip flops and sandals thirteen out of those whole days along with bikinis and throw overs. Those being my main staples.

If you’re heading to Thailand for a two week holiday over Christmas I would limit your suitcase to the following items (bare in mind, some of the outfits we are wearing in these photos, were purely to get good content in some of the outfits- They weren’t necessarily essential items if you’re trying to pack light! Ie the two piece outfits) : Flip flops, sandals, 3-5 bikinis/ beach wraps / throw-overs / sunnies/ sun hat / denim shorts / a couple of T’s / a Jacket or blazer / a couple of shirts / skirts and that is probably all you need!

Mangosteen Resort & Spa - After a very fun and hectic new years eve, we checked ourselves in for a few days of pampering and relaxation at the Mangosteen resort and spa. Just ten minutes from our house in Rawai.

We each had  a little wooden villa in the middle of the jungle with sea views, each one was so adorable. In those few days, we indulged in a very healthy vegan menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Treated ourselves to full body Thai massages, body wraps, Spa sessions and really took the time to unwind.

It is a definite must if you’re in Phuket and looking for a few days to chill out!


After a few days in Phuket we went to visit my brother, sister in law and Neice who had rented a beautiful villa in Krabi. This is it here, for those looking for a nice villa stay whilst there.

Krabi is a lot less busy, polluted and generally a lot more green and almost jungle-like than where we were in Phuket. We stayed for a week spending Christmas there too, which was very un-christmassy, to say the least, but also amazing. Sipping on a beer and floating in the pool on Christmas day and hiring Thai chefs who came over and cooked us a delicious Thai feast for dinner!
If you’re in Krabi, be sure to rent one of the boats at the beach for a day and have a tour of the neighbouring islands. They are beautiful, Coral Island, in particular, as you approach it, looks like a scene from Jurassic park, with its backdrop of sheer cliffs and huge hanging palm trees.

201901042021292374479994540 (1).jpg
201901043522485685168926809 (1).jpg
2019-01-04 05.58.00 1.jpg
201812291137269244466448763 (1).jpg

Shop the look:

Purple Two Piece | Topshop
White Floral Two Piece | Maje
Sunnies | Chloe
Sunnies | Ray Ban
Lilac Bikini | Cante Lisboa
Brown Hat | Lack Of Colours
Marble print Swimsuit | Marysia
Grey & White swimsuit |Marysia
Grey & White Tie Up Bikini | Marysia
Grey & White Frill Bikini | Marysia
Purple Wrap around | Cloe Cassandro
Green Dress | Cloe Cassandro
Gold Hoops | Astrid & Miyu
Gold Pendant | Missoma
Gold necklace | Daisy Jewellery
Cream Silk Shirt | Radice Sleep
Leopard Print Bikini Top | HnM

Leopard Print Bikini Bottoms | HnM
Red Dress | Rouje
White Skirt | Bec & Bridge
Beige Loafers | Manebi
Pink swimsuit | Marysia (similar)
Purple Bikini | Holiday Romance Store
White Shirt | Berta Cabestany
White Two piece | Berta Cabestany

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