How we style Kurt Geiger

Now as many of you may have already gathered from our Instagram feed, we love a good ankle boot and of course, the colour black, so we were pretty chuffed when we heard a collaboration with Kurt Geiger  was on the cards! King of leather boots and bags, sign us up!

Our first look includes these dreamy studded Dome boots , probably one of our fave choices from the collaboration. They really make an all black ensemble stand out and are super comfy!
Now the poppy tote bag, in all honesty, wouldn't normally be our first choice of bag, however on this occasion we thought we'd buy one that stands out more, seeing as all our other choices are black. It's quite 'out there' but it's practical and really will get those heads turning....Oh and it's faux fur, OBVIOUSLY!

Our second look is slightly more chic. Rocking the black Carvela slight ankle boots with the leather London tote. This is a great combo for a fancy lunch meeting or dinner date. Dress it up with a blazer and black trousers or keep it casual with a pair of denim jeans and a shirt. Done!

Our final look includes the Radar boots, the Tammy boots and the Leather Kensington bags .This is probably the dressiest look of them all, however in true Collyer Twins style, we've managed to give them that more laid back, casual vibe, pairing it with flared jeans, black culottes and blazers. These pieces however are perfect for a dressy night out on the town! 


Shop the look:

Studded Boots - Kurt Geiger
Poppy Tote Bags - Kurt Geiger


Shop the look:

Black leather bag | Kurt Geiger

Black boots | Kurt Geiger


Shop the look:

Black bags | Kurt Geiger

Gold studded boots | Kurt Geiger

Black heels | Kurt Geiger

Now, if you don't usually shop at Kurt Geiger or haven't thought of buying your bags there before, well now is the time more than ever. This christmas they're collaborating with 'Save The Children' so any time someone buys the iconic and best-selling leather kensington handbag, (as seen above )10% of that will go to the amazing charity! 

Go on guys, do something good this christmas... buy a Kurt Geiger bag :)


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Black Friday Baby

So it's that time of year again when the sales go CRAZY, websites go crashing, the old scrooges finally whip out out their credit cards and shopaholics spend their every second scouring the internet for the best sales around.

We've put together a comprehensive wish-list of outfits we're currently scurrying to get our hands on during the sale and links for you to purchase them too using the discount codes shown!

Get shopping' ya filthy animals :)

Winter coats:

Shop the look:

 ASOS: 20% off everything
             CODE WIN20.
             VALID 23-28TH

TOPSHOP: 50% off everything.
                   VALID UNTIL 27th

REISS: 30% off selected lines

MATCHES FASHION: 50%  off Fall/Winter styles


Leather Jackets:

Shop the look:

TOPSHOP: up to 50% off everything

ALL SAINTS: 30% off everything

MATCHES FASHION:  Up to 70% off sales

Up to 75% off sales items
Up to 30% off full price items


Shop the look:

MISSOMA: Gold Horn Pendant
                       25% OFF SITE

MISSOMA: Mini fang necklace
                 25% OFF SITE

MISSOMA Coin Hoops
                25% OFF SITE

MISSOMA: Roman Coin necklace
                25% OFF SITE

Jeans glorious Jeans:

Shop the look:


NET A PORTER- up to 50% off

TOPSHOP: 50% off everything


Cosey trackie bottoms:

Shop the look:

TOPSHOP- 50% off everything

PRETTY LITTLE THING - 30% off everything
                                                 CODE: ITSON
                                                 VALID UNTIL 23RD

NET A PORTER -  up to 50% off



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Hotel Can Mostatxins

Last week Loanne and I took a 4 day trip to the north of Majorca to stay at the gorgeous Hotel Can Mostatxins.  Anyone looking for a beautiful and relaxing getaway bursting with culture, history & rustic beauty should look no further than here! Below we have listed things to do, see, where to eat and stay if you ever fancy heading to Alcudia, which we highly recommend! 


Nestled in the old town of Alcudia, which hides behind medieval walls and the ancient roman ruins, this time-warped village with it’s narrow streets and colourful houses has a real authenticity to it and the hotel is at the heart of it all. 

Upon arrival to the hotel we were greeted by Peter Markham, the hotel manager, who made us feel immediately so welcome,( he was so lovely that we ended up having a delicious meal with him on the first night at an amazing pizzeria called Osteria El Patio down the road.)

The eight bedroom boutique hotel has that real sense of a family-run business with its friendly staff and lobby that has a ‘make your self at home’ policy with a fridge of refreshments and snacks. Of course for Loanne and I this was heaven! 

The hotel which dates back to the late XVth century has been transformed from a typical majorcan manor house to a ‘designer’ hotel yet still retains it’s gothic features with stone walls and archways. The best and most iconic feature of the hotel is where the jacuzzi is situated between two huge stone walls, a real architectural masterpiece! 

Our room was cute, unassuming and gothic-like contrasted to the modern state of the art furnishings, which is echoed throughout the entire hotel. We were welcomed with a bottle of champagne and a lovely welcome note, how about that for hospitality! 

Now if that wasn’t enough to convince you, next year they are adding new hotels to the group following the refurbishment of the house next door, which will open in June 2018 called Hotel Can Mostatxins : Frare and then a third Hotel will open in January 2019 in Selva, called Hotel Can Mostatxins : Estelrich. We can't wait to go back to experience the other two!


To EAT  

 La Llonja 

Situated on the old fishing port of Port Polenca, no wonder it has the most exquisite fresh fish caught in the region. This seriously was the most mouth-watering meal we had whilst in Majorca and needless to say the panoramic views of the bay made for a very romantic set up. The perfect couples spot! If you venture here make sure to order the cod fillet with light garlic sauce and the salad with apricots and roasted carrots. Those with a sweet tooth must get the creme brûlée, it's to die for!

The Wineside

A small family run business, this unpretentious tapas gastrobar is the perfect spot for all those seafood and raw fish lovers!  All its produce is sourced locally and it’s menu that changes weekly is ideal for sharing. Order the local ’Hey Babe’ wine it’s delicious and order a few dishes each as the portions aren’t huge. For dessert order the bannoffee pie, it literally melts in your mouth.


Alcudia Market

The local Alcudian market is open on Tuesday and Sunday mornings. It’s the best way to enjoy the local culture and all it has to offer, the narrow streets inside the city wall fills up with stalls selling locally produced fruit and vegetables, shoes, bags and souvenirs. They have the cutest souvenir shops that sell everything from gold compasses to old school vintage globes. 

Ponderosa bar at Playa de Muro

Ponderosa beach bar has the Ibiza vibe down to a T, situated on Playa de Muro beach,  it’s white washed walls and tables and live DJ acts makes for the perfect chilled, atmosphere. The food is fresh and delicious but the vibe and atmosphere is even better. After your meal you can step out onto the beach and go for a dip at Playa de Muro which boasts an incredible landscape. Tip: It's obligatory to try the lemon pie pot, a unique twist on combining a number of different ingredients to make up the flavours of a lemon pie. 


Photo 18-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 16-10-2017-18.jpeg
Photo 18-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 18-10-2017-2.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 17-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 17-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 17-10-2017-2.jpeg
Photo 17-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 17-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 18-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 18-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017-2.jpeg
Photo 17-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017-2.jpeg
Photo 19-10-2017-1_preview.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017-3.jpeg
Photo 19-10-2017-2_preview.jpeg
Photo 18-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 18-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 25-10-2017-4.jpeg

Shop the Look:

Outfit 1: 
White tee | Topshop
Stripey trousers | Topshop
White mules | Vagabonds
Hat | ASOS

Outfit 2:
White Dress |  Topshop
Sunnies | Rayban
White mules | Vagabonds

White starry shirt | Sister Hood
Pendant |  Missoma London

Outfit 4:
White flowery dress | Topshop
Brown engraved bag | Bonitas Baskets

Outfit 5:
White lace dress | Self Portrait
Yellow suede heels | Topshop
Beret | Accessorise
Blue furry bag | Accessorize
Jewellery | Accessorise

Outfit 6:

Yellow strap top | NewLook
Stripey Trousers | Topshop


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Our Favourite Autumnal Accessories

Autumn is well and truly upon us and to be honest we’re extremely happy about it. No…not about the colder days and darker nights but instead for the cozy knits and endless layers of clothing.

We both agree that during the winter, it’s not always the easiest to maintain a glamorous look when jeans, wooly knits and jackets prevail but one thing that can give you that edge is accessorising your outfits, whether that’s a cute pendant, stacks of rings or a statement clutch.  

This month we’ve linked up with the accessories brand, Accessorize, in order to style up our autumn looks with some of our new, favourite pieces!

For us, Autumn and winter are always busy in terms of parties, DJing and events, so it’s important for us to pick looks and pieces that we can wear in the day but that are also versatile enough to wear at night , dressed up with our favourite party outfits! The smaller clutch bags in the Accessorise collection alongside their jewellery (which can be layered and stacked for a more glamorous look) are the perfect additions to achieve this.

As most of you know, we love our simple jewellery and it’s rare to see us rocking bold statement pieces very often, so we chose some of Accessorize’s rings that match our style perfectly. Super simple stacking rings both in gold and silver which pair amazingly with any type of colour of outfit. Both of us normally wear gold however Accessorise have some amazing silver rings so I personally thought I’d change it up a bit and rock the silver, where Jordan has stuck with her staple gold. Perfect for both a casual day out shopping or a fancy evening dinner party. You just can’t go wrong with these simple, stacking rings.

One thing you’ll always see us wearing with any outfit (even pyjamas sometimes) are pendants, and this season, Accessorize have some super cute ones we just had to get our hands on. A few that we are obsessed with at the moment are those with stars and moons on. We’re absolutely loving this pattern at the moment, which you’ll probably gather by the two matching clutches we’re wearing as well, both covered in gold stars. And… if that wasn’t enough, we also chose matching style berets. Stars galore! Talking of berets….there does seem to be a resurgence of the beret this season and we’re loving it. French, elegant and sassy! We both recently changed up our hairstyles for the winter, and there’s nothing like a cute hat to accentuate them. ‘Beret nice indeed!’

As well as the starry clutch bags we also chose a couple of cute over the shoulder navy, furry body bags which again are perfect for both the day and night and you can release the strap on them for a perfectly party ready clutch. We both wore them last week on a cheeky shopping spree around Notting Hill and wore them the same evening when out Djing in Camden at Oktoberfest. Transitional or what!

Talking about Djing, I’m sure other female DJs out there would agree, the last thing you want to be worrying about when playing to a crowd of hundreds of people, is lugging around a huge bag with you and having to faff around with all your unnecessary items lost amongst a jumble of mess. (Maybe we speak for ourselves here in regards to the jumble of mess!) A small bag is the the perfect choice when heading to play your music at a set. If you’re like us, we only DJ off USB’s now, which makes things a lot easier and a lot lighter. So having a small cute clutch bag or an off the shoulder bag to simply chuck your USBs, phone and money in, is literally all you need! Hence why we’ve chosen a few from Accessorise this season. Not only stylish but super practical! Where do the headphones go then? I hear you say… Just around our necks….We’re cool like that ;)

Now I'm not sure about you guys but we always find jewellery boxes hard to keep our dainty necklaces and pendants in, so draping them over decorative cocktail glasses seems rather fitting and stops the necklaces from knotting, it also looks pretty cute, bonus.  

We’ve included a variety of casual day-time and smarter evening wear shots amongst our images to illustrate the transitional nature of the Accessorise pieces we’ve chosen this Autumn. We’ve already been wearing these pieces constantly: Come day, come night, come lunch dates, come dinner parties, come shopping sprees, come DJ gigs, you name it, these pieces are a perfect match for all of these occasions. All we can say is, thank god the stigma attached to wearing the same clothes isn’t attached to wearing the same accessories, if so, we’d be guilty of some serious fashion faux pas! 

Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 03.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 45.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 09.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 50.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 35 (1).jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 13.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 50 39.jpg
Photo 16-10-2017, 17 49 57 (1).jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 07 00.jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 14 20.jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 11 42.jpg
Photo 19-10-2017, 09 19 09.jpg


Shop the look:

Stirling silver jet earrings | Accessorize
Star studded beret | Accessorize
Gold star clutch bag | Accessorize
Silver triple rings | Accessorize
Silver stack ring | Accessorize
Silver feather ring | Accessorize
Silver swarovski ring | Accessorize
Nevada bracelet pack | Accessorize
Mini leopard print bag | Accessorize
Gold ring set | Accessorise
Gold stone bracelet | Accesorize
Astrid Pendant | Accessorise
Moon & Rocket Pendant | Accessorise
Hand Meaningful necklace | Accessorise
Furry Cross Body Bag | Accessorize



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A weekend in Portugal

Home sweet home, I say as we land at Lisbon airport, bright blue skies and warm temperatures on an unlikely Autumnal day.

Having spent our teenage years here from the ages of 14 to 18 there’s always a sense of nostalgia and excitement to come back to the place that shaped and influenced the critical years of growing up. We spent four years in a place called Cascais (a coastal resort town 30 kilometers west of Lisbon) and it’s always lovely to go back to see old friends, familiar places and how things have changed and progressed from when we lived there.

In the past couple of years Lisbon has been destined as one of Europe’s coolest capital, not only for it’s beautiful architecture and quaint cobbled streets but it’s trendy night life heaving with great roof top bars that boast incredible views of the city. The cuisine has to be one of our favourites and what I constantly crave after too many roast dinners and Haribos!

 The typical Portuguese cuisine of bacalhau (dried cod) and fresh seafood is incredible, and whilst Lisbon has embraced its' traditional roots it has also adopted an experimental, modern and sophisticated cuisine that is affordable in it’s own right.

Our once unknown & humble little Portugal has transformed in recent years to a much sought after and talked about place amongst brits.

Now although Lisbon may be top of your list, we can’t stress how much more there is to see and do in Portugal!  Below I’ve outline some great things to do in and out of Lisbon if you’re over for a very short flying visit!



What a beautiful hotel, located in 545-acre national park on the southern Sintra Mountains, we stayed here for a night in the executive suite that had views to die for. The luxurious hotel, sits amongst a nineteenth century palace, 27 golf holes set within historic ruins and a stunning Spa and Wellness centre. This has to be one of the most tranquil and serene spots I have ever been to! It’s perfect for a little rejuvenation and down time. Loanne and I spent the evening on our roof terrace sipping on wine whilst watching a sunset that could only be compared to that of an African safari sunset as the whole sky lit a blood red orange!

We had dinner at a place called Arola one of the 8 restaurants within the hotel, a contemporary twist to Spanish tapas with contrasting flavours and textures! If you go you must order the ‘Copa Catalana’ similar to a crème brulee but with a twist!  It is hands down one of my favourite desserts.




This is where we rented an AirBnB this holiday. Forty minutes from Lisbon's main station (Rossio). It’s a time warped village located in lush, wooded hills surrounded by whimsical palaces that emanates an aura of mysticism and romanticism. Be sure to visit the beautiful ‘Palacio De Pena’ and 'Quinta da Regaleira' then afterwards stop off for a sweet Queijada at Casa Piriquita. If you're feeling adventurous get off the beaten track and explore the Sintra hills where witchcraft is rife! If you look hard enough you’ll come across sacrificial tombstones and red ribbon wrapped around trees where practices still occur. (Eerie)



The Sky bar is one of the best roof top bars in Lisbon and located on the roof of the Tivoli Avenida da Liberdade hotel with incredible cocktails, good vibes, live music and a panoramic view of Lisbon. Come here around 9/10pm for pre-drinks and make sure to ask the waiter to whip you up a pineapple Margarita, it’s not on the menu but they’ll do it if you ask and they are super scrumptious.


The latest contemporary restaurant to hit Lisbon, it’s comfort artisan food is modern and sophisticated just like the ambience and interior, the best feature is the dinosaur skeleton perfectly positioned in the middle of the restaurant, and don’t forget to head to the bathroom for a boogie where you’ll find a DJ spinning some tunes from a circular DJ booth! Cool or crazy, call it what you like… We loved it!


One of the best Clubs in Lisbon, especially for house music! The venue which is divided into a club space, bar and terrace, is known for its stunning waterside location and regular appearances from international DJ’s. If you love house music make the downstairs area your party place, we didn’t stop dancing for 3 hours straight when we went! Order the luxtinis, a personalised cocktail that is as sweet as can be!  



This has to be my favourite beach in Portugal, not only because we spent most of our teen years on this beach surfing and sunbathing but it’s 800 meters of golden sand and shoreline is absolutely stunning and has the perfect surf and windsurf conditions. Be aware it’s very hit and miss in terms of wind! But when you have a calm day there is nothing more beautiful! It's 5km from Cascais and 33km from Lisbon.


Photo 01-10-2017.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017.png
Photo 01-10-2017-2.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-6.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-3.jpeg
Photo 30-09-2017-1.jpeg
Photo 29-09-2017.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-5.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-9.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-8.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-13.jpeg
Photo 01-10-2017-3.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-10.jpeg
Photo 02-10-2017-11.jpeg
Photo 01-10-2017-1.jpeg

 Shop the look:

Outfit 1

Pink silk dress | Bec and Bridge

Outfit 2

Polka dot dress | Zara
Yellow kitten heels | Topshop
Hat | ASOS
Sunnies | Ray Ban

Outfit 3:

Green Jumper | Weekday Stores
Jeans | Weekday Stores
Hat | ASOS
Silk Skirt | New Look
Beret | ASOS
Bags | Kurt Geiger
Boots | Kurt Geiger

Outfit 4:

Black Jumpsuit | Only Child
White Mules | Vagabond shoes
Sunnies | Ray Ban

Outfit 5:

Jeans | Weekday Stores
Green velvet Jacket | Weekday Stores

Outfit 6:

White Kitten Heels | Topshop
Black Skirt | Urban Outfitters
Top | All Things Mochi

Outfit 7:

White floral top |Zara
Denim shorts | Urban Outfitters

Outfit 8:

Blue bikini |Sea Folly Australia
New York Top | Topshop


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How to do London Fashion Week!

Now London Fashion Week is well and truly over and we’ve finally settled back in to our weekly routine, we thought we’d give you a slight round up of our week in pictures and words.

We've done Fashion Week before and let's just say it was everything but smooth and stress-free. In all honesty it was quite overwhelming and involved a hell of a lot of rushing around from place to place. So, this season we thought we best prepare and learn from our past experiences so not to make the same mistakes! So this is our list of recommendations of 'How to do London Fashion Week. This season went a hell of a lot better and more smoothly than last time, so I guess we did something right! Hope it   helps :)


It’s always best to find accommodation as central to the hubbub as possible! We live in Surrey quays so travelling back and forth from show to presentation every day is hectic and would take a while. Instead we managed to stay at The Trafalgar St James Hotel, in the heart of it all. Located right by Trafalgar square this beautifully designed, historic hotel was reborn this summer hosting 131 bedrooms including 15 exquisite suites, and a number of venues to eat, drink, work or play. Our room was beautifully designed with iconic wall art featuring the best of London’s music idols and an amazing en-suite bathroom stocked with Molton Brown toiletries. Dreamy!


Another part of London Fashion Week that can be the most stressful part is transport. Getting from one show to another, running in-between presentations, changing outfits, it all can be a bit of a nightmare. So this time we collaborated with BUMBLE who offered us a Mercedes Bens G-wagon with our own chauffeur to drive us around from show to show! (BALLIN’) I know, I know, pretty swag! We’d normally make do with public transport or get an Uber but THIS was the ultimate way to do it! Stress free! Thanks Bumble!


London Fashion Week can be so hectic if you try and squeeze too much into it.

So this season, we were quite selective and only did the shows & presentations that really appealed to us. That way, we got a bit of time in between to catch up on emails, shoot content and get changed for our next event!

Some of the shows we went to were DAKS, House Of Holland, Topshop and Julien MacDonald. I have to say Topshop was a highlight for us, it was the first time we’d been to a Topshop show and it was pretty epic. A great new collection and jaw dropping hotties modelling the clothes. All four of the shows were very impressive in their own ways. House Of Holland for its wacky designs, DAKS for its uber cool tailored suits and Julien MacDonald for the glam and A-list celeb cat walkers! BOOM!


From our photos you’ll probably notice a recurring pattern in our choice of outfits this fashion week. Yes! The tailored suit! My red suit is from H&M which I absolutely love. Jordan wore a similar red dress from H&M to match my outfit. Both absolutely loving the red this season! The cobalt blue tailored suit is from Topshop which Jordan wore to the show and is an absolute winner, such a great fit and what a head turner! On the final day I wore a grey, checkered suit which is a simple New Look number.  Smart and sophisticated and perfectly paired with some white trainers. For those of you who are familiar with our style you’ll know we’re more tom-boyish than girly girly so the tailored suits were a perfect match for us this season.

If we weren’t wearing our suits, you’ll have definitely seen us rocking an oversized blazer with our outfits.They just smarten everything up and are perfect for this autumn weather.

In terms of accessories, if we were’t rocking our amazing new Lulu Guinness clutch bags, you’ll have seen us in our new over the shoulder Karl Lagerfeld bags. Check out our latest blog post here to read more about them! 

We’re all about the boots this season as well. Small heeled boots, great for keeping those tootsies warm and elevating those short legs! Leopard pint, white leather, black, snake skin print, brown suede….you name it we’ll be wearing them!


There’s no fashion week without a good party or social event right? So we made sure to break up our manic days with some fun events and night time soirees to wind down and chill for a second amongst the mayhem. One definitely worth mentioning was the LuLu Guinness afternoon tea. A group of us gathered at the Dandelyan bar at the Mondrian hotel to meet the team, receive some AMAZING goodies (check out the clutch bags in our photos!) get to know more about the company and of course indulge in some delicious canapes! It was a great way to kick off fashion week in style. Thanks Lulu Guinness! Another fun event we went to was the WONDERLAND magazine party, always sure to add a touch of spice, sauce and sassiness in to your fashion week which it sure did. 


 And what a fashion week it was! We already can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one and I’m hoping we’ll have really nailed it by then. Cruising around from show to show, all dressed up and ready to go!

Until next season folks.

L&J xXx

Photo 22-09-2017.png
Photo 16-09-2017.jpeg

Shop The Look

Outfit 1

White Blazer | Topshop

White T with red engraving | Topshop

Jeans | Weekday

Belt  | Topshop

Black blazer | Zara

White amour T | Topshop

Black cross body bag | Mon Purse

Cream clutch | Mon Purse

Outfit 2

Blue blazer + Trousers | Topshop

Ciao Bella T | Topshop

White shoes | Topshop 

Leopard boots | H&M

Black patent skirt | Topshop

White blazer | Topshop

Outfit 3

Red clutch | Lulu Guinness

Black polka dot shirt | H&M

Gold watch | Larsson & Jennings

Outfit 4

Biker jacket | Karl Lagerfeld

Pink clutch | Karl Lagerfeld

Black top | New Look

Black Culottes | Zara 

Black studded boots | Office

Tweed jacket | Karl Lagerfeld

White Amour T | Topshop

White shoes | Topshop

Jeans | Weekday

Outfit 5

Red dress | H&M

Red blazer and trousers | H&M

Outfit 6

Black boots | Karen Millen

Outfit 7

White Jumper | New Look (similar)

Red Skirt | New Look

Leopard boots | H&M

Check suit | New Look

White trainers | Kooples X Puma




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