'Start the new year as you mean to carry on' and that's certainly what we've been doing! Since coming back from our travels and setting ourselves some stealth new years resolutions (and sticking to the majority of them you'll be pleased to know) we mean serious business!

Now serious business entails looking the part at all times. I won't lie and say it's easy to look and feel the part constantly, (especially after Christmas) most days Loanne and I love nothing more than chilling in our trackkies with no makeup and just slodging, yes SLODGING! Haha 

What I can say though is that it really helps to have items in your wardrobe that instantly make you feel like a power house, those effortless items that require no effort to work with, that tuck you in, in all the right places, well that's exactly where our RESERVED items come into play!

Jordan is wearing the black trench coat which you can slip over anything, jeans, a dress. The fit is great and accentuates the waist, dress it up or down, this coat is a serious winner and the inside detailing has a cute poetic message inside. I've paired it with a pair of grey suede boots, cute and simple.

Loanne is wearing a lovely silk polka dot shirt (I'm a sucker for anything polka dot, even if it's out of fashion i'll still  be wearing it until the day I die!) she's paired it with some silk high-waisted black palazzo pants which is extremely flattering for the figure! We love a bit of silk on silk, it's sophisticated, sexy and just utterly dreamy! Kinda got that PJama feel but that's the vibe we go for! 

Collyer-26jan-edits-126 (1).jpg
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Bali. The land of Bintangs, beautiful landscapes, beaches and bronzed skin. A travellers dream,  a foodies paradise and an instagrammers heaven.

This was my second time in Bali, after spending over a month there the first time, so I think it’s safe to say I think I know the island fairly well. This was a trip to refresh many of those amazing memories from over 3 years ago and to refine my expertise on all the island has to offer. 

So sit back and relax (it’s only most appropriate) I’m here to offer you what I believe are the best couple of weeks in Bali you could get! 

This blog post is split in to four main areas in Bali. Even though I have visited other places, these were my personal favourites. UBUD is definitely one to go and visit as well (even if it's just to see the monkey kingdom) however personally a couple of nights there was enough for me so I haven't delved in to it in this blog post….

Ps - Apologies for the image quality. I used a phone for these photos so they're not as sharp :(



This was the first time I had been to Canggu and I absolutely loved it! It has a range of amazing cafes, restaurants, cool quirky shops and amazing beach bars yet still holds a very much authentic and rural feel toward the area. It is less built up and busy than seminyak but has slightly more going on there than Uluwatu. I think most would agree its the 'coolest' place to be in Bali at the moment. I highly recommend renting out a moped for easy access ( and to fit in with the locals, OBVI!)


Where to stay:

La Lasa Villas-

This was an amazing little villa we found by luck on and upon arrival, we were so pleasantly surprised. There was only two of us, but we had our own pool, outdoor lounge bed and a whole open kitchen and living room area. The double bedroom was huge with an ensuite bathroom decked out with a luxurious huge bath tub and outdoor shower. 

It was around £130 a night, which for Bali isn’t the cheapest (so maybe not the one if you’re on a budget)  but if you share it between four people obviously the price dramatically drops so it's definitely worth it. Breakfast is included too and the staff are always on hand to help you. (Even when asking to get spiders out your room!)  

It’s only five minute drive from Berawa beach and super close to all the cafes and shops. We intended on staying 1 night and ended up staying 4, so it’s fair to say we absolutely loved it!


Where to eat:

Bali bowls -

This is a great spot for breakfast or lunch and is super cute!  White washed walls, wooden seats and big green plants, the scandi interior looks nothing short of a scene from the flinstones. They have an amazing range of fresh juices and super healthy vegetarian options. As you can tell by the title, they are famous for their ‘bowls’ . These are not only amazing fresh fruit bowls full of tropical fruits but they also do a variety of savoury bowls, like scrambled eggs with veggies etc SO good! 


Cafe Organic - 

This was a little spot we stopped by for lunch. Really small but again very aesthetic and loads of great delicious and healthy options. 
TIP: Get the sweet potato burger and the sweet potato fries. Mouthwatering!


Milu By Nook -

So this is a beautiful spot in Canggu and in all honesty we only had an iced coffee and a couple of juices there, which were really delicious BUT it is an instagrammers heaven. I suggest just checking it out even if you aren’t going to eat, its located right by the rice paddys so its super peaceful. 

There are a few other places I suggest trying out that we didn’t get a chance to try when we were there BUT they look amazing and I was recommended by a friend:

La Laguna ( Amazing hippie vibes)

Betel nut Cafe

Nude Cafe


What to do:

Surfing - 

Canggu is one of the best places to surf in Bali and especially great for beginners. If there’s a perfect spot to try, it’s here! The water is warm and the waves aren’t too big. Hire a surf board for a day and get riding those waves with the locals! Lessons are super cheap too and you'll have a lot of fun!


Sunset at Finns Beach Club - 

This is an amazing and vibey beach club and one you must try out if in Canggu! It has a huge outdoor pool overlooking the beach and a DJ which plays all afternoon/evening. There is always a great vibe there and the food and drinks are equally relish! The sunsets are absolutely killer so make sure to go for around 5ish before sunset, grab a bintang, lie on one of the sofa’s, listen to the chilled beats and watch the surfers under the picturesque sunset. You can’t beat it!


Old Mans (Wednesdays) -

This is a really cool surfer-vibe bar, again right by the beach consisting of a good mix of locals, visitors and expats. It’s like a hip beer garden and most evenings/nights have something going on from beer pong challenges to live bands and DJ sets, however its normally the best place to be on a Wednesday evening!


The Lawn (Fridays) -

This is another great beach bar / chill out spot. Hang out and sun tan on the lawn from 11am onwards, whilst watching the long board surfers slide along the Canggu waves, directly out front of the premises. Or head in the evenings to watch the magical sunset and listen to the DJ spin some chilled tunes. 
TIP: Try the Mojito. So yum and refreshing!




Uluwatu is in the south of Bali. It is more rural and less built up than a lot of the other areas but you will find the nicest beaches here. Expect a very laid- back surfer vibe. Don’t expect many shops, restaurants or nightlife. You won’t find as much to do as you will in Seminyak or Canggu but you do get a real authentic bohemian feel to it which I absolutely love. It's super chilled and a surfers paradise!


Where to stay:

Kellys Warung / Bingin Ombak Warung -

Now both these places are located on Bingin beach. This time round we stayed at Bingin Ombak but previously we had stayed in Kellys and both are next door to one another and pretty much identical.

If you’re looking for luxury then these places are DEFINITELY not for you. They are extremely basic but their charm is their location slap bang on the beach. Open your balcony and the sea is below you, go down the stairs and you're in the sand. If you like the sound of falling asleep and waking up to the sea, then this is the place to be. I loved it! 

We paid around £40 / night for this accommodation and the staff went compleltey above and beyond to accommodate us and helped us with all our luggage.

Other accommodation reccommendations - 

Gravity Hotel

Sal Secret Spot 


Where to eat:

Kelly’s Warung - 

This is the best breakfast / lunch spot on the beach. Sit in the sun on the stools and poofs whilst watching the surfers ride their waves. A lot of healthy options with local produce and great for veggies too.
TIP: Go for their breakfast Pitaya bowls. Full of loads of fresh blended tropical fruits! Nom Nom...OH and great for that insta shot too.


The Cashew Tree- 

The Veggie breakfast toastie. Enough said.


What to do:

Single Finn (Sundays) - 

Now if there’s anything to do in Bali whilst you're there, you HAVE to go to Single Finn on a Sunday for their sunday sessions. The first time I went I declared it as the best beach bar I had ever been to, I still stand by that declaration! Located just above the beach, it has three stories of wooden decking which are dance floors and bars. A DJ or live band plays as you watch the sun setting over the most picturesque beach. The music gets pumping, the party gets going and the hot surfers keep on coming! Haha (Not a joke...hotties galore in this place!)


Ulu Cliff house -

This place has only just opened its doors and I think it is going to be one of Single Finns biggest competitors. Located on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, the views are to die for. This bar / restaurant / hotel is amazing! Perfect for a chilled day by the pool, listening to the DJ play some chilled house and sipping on cocktails, yet equally as great in the night as the music kicks off on an amazing sound system, strobe lights flow and the party gets pumping! We had an amazing night there.Check out the line up of DJs too, they have some really good ones playing.  


The Cashew Tree (Thursdays)

Cashew Tree is a great place to hang-out, enjoy a bohemian community and eat fresh, healthy food. Go on Thursday night as they have live music which is a fun, community style event. Usually a surf-reggae themed band comes in, there's a DJ that plays house and trance between sets. It's entertaining and a great place to mingle!

2018-01-13 05.20.19 1.jpg



This was my second time to Seminyak and in all honesty it was a lot busier and built up than it was three years ago. It is more hectic than Canggu and Uluwatu and there are many more restaurants, high-end shops and hotels etc. If you want to do a spot of shopping, Seminyak is your place and if you want to go for a really nice meal you’ll be spoilt for choice here. However, if your looking for something very chilled, quiet and peaceful, Seminyak won’t be this.


Where to stay:

Aria Villas - 

We ended our trip staying at these villas and they were amazing. They're a new set of 19 exclusive Villas designed for the discerning travellers. They come with a private pool, well equipped kitchenette, comfortable lounge area, as well as an amazing bathtub and outdoor shower! Dreamy! This was around £130 a night. Again, not the cheapest for Bali, but for this place, well worth the money.

The villas are a 5 minutes drive from the beach and Ku De Ta Beach Club and a 10 minutes walk from Potato Head Beach Club (Read on to understand why that is a GREAT thing! haha)


Where to eat:

Nalu Bowls - 

This place is the bomb! If you haven’t heard it then you’ve probably seen it all over instagram (well our instagram anyway). They are famous for their tropical fruit bowls which are divine! They source all their fruit daily infusing the tastes of the local dragon fruit, coconut flesh, mango papaya, spinach and banana. Healthy and scrumptious!

Tip: Go for the Mavericks bowl. Yum!


Sisterfields - 

This place is perfect for breakfast or lunch. They have a range of different all-day breakfast and lunch options. From amazing fresh salads, to burgers, to pancakes and red berries, to shakshuka style poached eggs. A great variety and everything I had was so delicious! If you’re feeling slightly healthy too they have a great range of fresh juices and smoothies, packed with goodness.  Sister fields also own Boss Burgers which is next door and is supposed to be the BEST BURGERS around. (I mean I wouldn’t know, being veggie, but heard it through the grapevine!)

TIP: Order a side of polenta fries with parmesan and truffle aioli. They are utterly delicious!


Mexicola - 

This is the perfect place to go for a fun and delicious Mexican dinner. There’s such a great vibe in here and after about 7 it really starts to kick off. The music turns up, people get up dancing on the tables and margaritas are ordered left, right and centre.

The food is really tasty (The Fish tacos are INSANE!) and all the cocktails are delish! Be sure to wear your dancing shoes because it will most likely turn in to a wild night!



What to do:

Sunset & chill day at Potato Head - 

Ok, so if you’re in Seminyak, spending a day and watching the sunset at Potatoe Head is an absolute must. Live DJs play by the pool whilst you chill and sunbathe on your beach beds being served delicious cocktails and yummy food. Definitely stay for sunset. One of the best I’ve seen in my life. The whole sky lights up a pinky orange colour. Absolutely stunning.

TIP: Make sure you go early doors around 11am to reserve a bed for the day. They get booked up fast!


Pool Vibes at the W -

This may not be for everyone. But if you don’t mind spending a few bob, the W hotel is really pretty and we spent a day there chilling by the pool as the hotel is beaut and really picturesque. It’s worth going there even just for a visit. The seared tuna wrap is a MUST TRY  as well!


2018-01-02 01.49.16 2.jpg
2018-01-02 12.42.57 1.jpg



Where to stay:

Mola2 resort - 

This is a row of cute beachy huts located right on the beach front with the most stunning sunset view of the island. We paid around £80 a night for this place (but we got the deluxe room, the simple ones go for around £40 ) and it was well worth it. Mola2 Resort is perfectly nestled in the quiet part of Gilli air where many water activities can be done such as diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and more.  Breakfast is included in the restaurant on the beach opposite, which serves food and cocktails throughout the day ;)


Where to eat:

Scallywags - 

This is the place for a perfect candlelit beach dinner.In fact its the only place we went for dinner on the island (slightly guilty) only because the food was SO good and fresh, we had to go back! Scallywags is a great beach bar/ restaurant serving a variety of seafood, barbecue, American , Asian food, European and also caters for the veggies and has gluten free options.

Tip: Get the calamari for starters. I'll be surprised if you don't order a second round!


What to do:


Paddle Boarding - 

I highly recommend renting out a couple of paddle boards in Gilli. The water is so calm so it's really easy to do and you’ll definitely have a laugh (if you do it with someone). The first time we did it in Gilli T it suddenly began to rain and almost magically, out of nowhere, appeared this beautiful rainbow followed by a pod of dolphins jumping around us on our boards. It was insane! This time round, we unfortunately saw no dolphins or rainbows but instead schools of flying fish which was also pretty cool. Haha. We did a spot of meditation on the paddle boards too. Pure serenity.


Snorkelling - 

Rent out a couple of snorkels for the afternoon and go swimming in the clear waters. You’ll be sure to spot some beautiful, multi coloured and tropical fish.


Morning yoga class - 

There are loads of yoga classes which take place in the mornings. Go for a cycle round the island (it takes less than an hour) and you’ll find loads of signs pointing to yoga classes. Breath and stretch whilst watching the sunrise. The perfect way to start your day!


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A little taste of Senegal

It was our first New Year that Loanne and I parted ways to join our respective other halves on a end of year getaway.  

Whilst Loanne whisked away to Bali, I ventured to the Western coast of Africa to Senegal.

I know some of you will be unfamiliar with Senegal which isn't surprising as it is often overlooked as a holiday destination amongst brits. This made it even more exciting to know that I was about to embark on an adventure without any preconceptions or ideals (despite the little bit of information my boyfriend had shared with me) and what a pleasant surprise it was indeed.

Senegal is a country full of rich traditions, textured landscapes and an infectious optimism and vitality that reverberates amongst its inhabitants, if it's never been on your list of places to go, I highly recommend adding it now!

I spent the majority of my time in Somone, a seaside village nestled in the heart of a beautiful lagoon, classified as a nature reserve and home to several species of migratory birds, fish and lush vegetation made up of mangroves. 

In ten days I got to experience Senegal in all its glory from the lively metropolis of Dakar (the capital), the majestic seaside village of Somone to an impoverished rural village in central Senegal (Petit Meka) where I became acquainted with some of the most enlightening kids. (As you can see most of my photos were taken of the kids in the village. Their energy and positivity despite their primitive living conditions was inspiring and a moment I won't forget!) If you get a chance to venture this far, it's definitely worth a visit.

Below I've listed a few recommendations of things you must do in and around the Somone region. Just make sure you brush up on your French as English is hardly spoken amongst the Senagalese. 


To Do

Watch the sunset on the Someone Lagoon

Take a fishing boat out on on the Somone Lagoon to watch the sunset. The lagoon is a sanctuary of migratory birds from Pelicans, silver herons, flamingos and other birds that stroll on the waters filled with beautiful mangroves. Hidden amongst the mangroves lies an ancient Baobab tree stub embellished in hundreds of sea shells. Make sure you stop off and place a shell on one of the stubs, make a wish, this majestic 'tree of life' will be sure to  give you good luck. After stop off at the Paradise Rasta for some locally sourced seafood and chilled reggae vibes.  


Visit Goree Island

A short ferry ride from Dakar, lies Goree Island, at first glance the island bestows a beautifully quaint village with gorgeous faded buildings, rich in colours and architecture highlighting its’ european colonial history, yet beneath the beauty of the Island hides a brutal history. Goree Island was the largest slave-trading centre on the African Coast, African men, women and children were held and traded here before being loaded onto ships to the Americas. 

It’s a must visit if you fancy doing something cultural, it's geared up for tourists, with plenty of stalls, places to eat and beautiful views and walks. It’s a rather somber and eerie experience but nevertheless an important one that serves as a reminder of severe human exploitation.


Drink Senegalese tea with the locals

I fell in love with the Senegalese tea, not just for it’s sweet taste but the intricate process by which it is prepared and presented formerly known as Attaya in Wolof. (Wolof is the language spoken in Senegal.) Keep an eye out on the sidewalks for locals preparing the tea by repeatedly pouring the brew from one glass to another, to achieve a nice foam.  The tea ritual is an important part of daily and social life and is the customary beverage offered to guests. It is a sweet, pungent brew of (Chinese) green-tea leaves, plenty of sugar, and often mint.


Crocodile spotting at Niokolo-Koba National Park

We spent a good two hours trekking in the car through rustic terrain, eyes glued to the binoculars in the hope of spotting Lions and leopards, unfortunately the best we saw was a few antelopes lurking around the premises, so don’t come here in the hope of finding these wild animals. What I would recommend however, is the boat trip we did down the beautiful Gambia river spotting hippos and crocodiles. A tranquil and stunning setting that makes you feel like you’re part of the Wild Thornberry's ! 


Dance with the locals

Senegal is home to one of Africa’s most unique and sexy dances called Sabar dancing, performed to the beats of the Sabar drum which incorporates every part of the body. Head into the capital Dakar to the bars/ clubs or to a street party and immerse yourself in the world of Sabar, you will be in awe of their rhythm. I tried my hand at dancing with the locals on New Years eve and trying to emulate their style of dancing was like trying to learn to dance all over again, regardless of whether you can do it or not, let go, feel the rhythm and let the peoples infectious energy take you on a journey!

Quad biking in the Baobab forest

Rent out a quad and ride through the Baobab forest, there are local stations where you can hire quads for the day, it’s a great way to see the place and discover some hidden gems.


Massage at the Rhino resort hotel and Spa

If you’re into pampering this 5-star resort based in Saly boasts a luxe spa within a unique african setting. Soak up the sun by the pool before indulging in the spa.

Tip: Get the body massage, be prepared for a massage that touches you in all sorts of places. (Not for prudes!)


Sundowners at the Les Manguiers de Guéréo resort nature lodge

After Quad biking around frantically looking for a perfect spot to watch the sunset, we stumbled across this resort, set in the heart of a preserved natural environment offering panoramic views of the Somone lagoon and ocean. Its’ huge infinity pool and beautiful interiors made for an idyllic spot to watch the sunset and take in the stunning views. The newly opened resort, plays host to wildlife observatories flower gardens and diverse birdlife.

Tip: If you’re looking for somewhere to stay the superior lodges offer private pools with stunning views of the lagoon and sea with reasonable prices. 

All of these images were taken on my new Google Pixel phone! :) 


2018-01-06 09.49.25 1.jpg
2018-01-16 05.48.00 1.jpg
2018-01-10 07.23.25 1.jpg
2018-01-10 08.01.02 1.jpg
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2018-01-06 08.26.39 2.jpg
2018-01-06 07.50.37 2.jpg
2018-01-16 05.37.34 1.jpg
2018-01-01 09.38.44 1 (1).jpg
2018-01-16 05.53.20 1.jpg
2018-01-06 08.12.52 1.jpg
2018-01-11 02.58.59 1 (1).jpg
2018-01-16 05.54.47 1 (1).jpg
2018-01-16 05.43.07 1.jpg
2018-01-16 05.51.20 1.jpg
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Puma X Office Collab

Since embarking on our blogging and DJing career full time (just over a year ago) , collaborating with our favourite brands was always top of our priority list. So this recent collaboration with Puma and Office was definitely one of our proudest to date. Since we were kids, Puma has always featured in our lives whether it be for sporting events or fashion affairs and as a brand it has always been one that we’ve resonated with most, so inevitably collaborating with them was a huge honour for us!

We spent a day shooting with the OFFICE and PUMA team to showcase PUMA’S latest trainer releases including the Puma Fenty cleated creepers  and Puma fenty pointed cleated creepers Which we absolutely LOVE!  Jordan and I got to style the whole shoot ourselves which was amazing as we got the chance to pair the trainers with the exact outfits we would tend to wear them with!

This collaboration has also recently been featured in Grazia, which we we're extremely proud about too, as well as on the OFFICE blog, which you can read here 

Below are the images  from the shoot and don’t forget to shop the trainers! Enjoy :)

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.17.52.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 16.39.47.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.23.58.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.23.36.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 15.08.32.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 13.56.30.png
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Our Ultimate Christmas Hamper

There's nothing better than receiving a Christmas hamper full of  delicious treats and goodies. So Loanne and I have put together our very own dreamy Christmas hamper full of our favourite gifts just in time for the big day. Hurry though you only have two days left!

 Jo Malone - They have a variety of Christmas gift sets that will be a sure winner! Something delightful. Unexpected. Unique. Why not spoil your loved ones with the Pomegranate Noir Collection Or, indulge with the deluxe candle collection

LuLu Guinness - There are so many cute and quirky Christmas gifts at LuLu. See the new year in style with the cute 2018 planner and pen. A perfect addition to your handbag or desk space, as well as this adorable, sparkly coin purse which makes for the perfect stocking filler. 

Whittard's hot chocolate - If you're all about indulgence over Christmas Whittard's hot chocolate makes for the perfect stocking filler or hamper. Take a peek at their Christmas gifts that will be sure to satisfy someone's sweet tooth!

Lore Originals -  This is the essential kit bag of products for your hair! The hair products are amazing and provide long lasting integrity and health for every hair type, the bonus is the beautiful packaging!

2017-12-22 10.48.27 1 (1).jpg
2017-12-21 12.24.39 1.jpg
2017-12-21 04.57.29 1.jpg
2017-12-21 12.20.28 2.jpg
2017-12-22 10.58.43 1.jpg
2017-12-21 12.33.17 1.jpg
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Orlando: Shoppin until we droppin'

Last week Loanne and I jetted off on a shopping trip to Orlando. (Casual I know and just in time for Christmas! Woophee!)

The last time we visited Orlando was of course to visit the wondrous world of Disneyland so the place always conjures up feelings of a magical, movie-like show where dreams come true! Haha this visit was a little different, more mature shall we say. We were lucky enough to be invited by ‘Simon Shopping Destinations’, which offers the largest collection of shopping destinations in the US. 

As a global leader in the ownership of premier shopping, dining and entertainment we pretty much immersed ourselves in the world of Simon and literally shopped until we dropped with a little room in between to visit Orlando and its various attractions!

With one shopping centre and two outlets in the area, we really were spoilt for choice. Simon has two outlets centres (International and Vineland) and one generic mall (Florida Mall) some of the outlets had savings of up to 65% like Victoria Secret, KSNY and Salvatore Ferragamo so for all you bargain hunters this is certainly the place to visit. 

We thought it would be a great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping, however, that didn’t really go to plan as our wandering eye combined with the variety of incredible clothes and discounts got the better of us and we ended up splurging a little more on ourselves than expected. Oopsiee!

Below we have listed our favourite places to visit at Simon as well as things to do and visit!

Hope you enjoy.

Top spots at Simon  

   Bath & Body Works at Orlando International premium outlet

We loved this place firstly because you can’t get it in the UK but also the variety of amazing smelling body creams, soaps and lotions on offer. Our friend Sabrina, another influencer on the trip recommended coming here as she had tried and tested the lovely body lotion before, it was totally worth the visit.

Tip: Make sure to pick up the Coco Shea cucumber Aloe Gel lotion, It’s light and leaves your skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom (The price point is reasonable too!)


  Victoria Secret at the Florida Mall

The discounts here are incredible, we spent a good 45 minutes trailing through beautiful bras and underwear, some retailing for as little as $6! What a bargain, I ended up coming out with the cutest silk Pjama set for $24 dollars which usually at home would retail for around £50. Bargain or what!


Tommy Hilfiger at Orlando Vineland outlet

As most of you probably know, we’re huge Tommy fans so we were super excited to check out the discounts on offer. We managed to get a couple of Christmas presents here from socks and underpants all ranging from around $15 another great bargain!


Things to do whilst in Orlando:

 (A huge thanks to Visit Orlando for organising so much of our trip and allowing us to do take part and experience all the below !)

Universal Studios

I mean you simply cannot go to Orlando and not visit Universal studios. This is for anyone who loves to channel their inner child once in a while. Make sure you go on the HULK ride (multiple times) and take a trip on the train to the Harry Potter world, if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, you will be after this!


Botanical Gardens

If nature and walking are your thanggg look no further than the Harry P Leu gardens, an amazing 50-acre botanical oasis minutes from Downtown Orlando. Meander through the trails shaded by 200-year old oaks and forests of camellias and stop off by the lake to do some crocodile and sea snake spotting! (Not for the faint hearted! )


Visit Park Avenue

We spent an evening on Park Avenue and I have to confess this was our most enjoyable evening. Tick off the cultural box and visit the Morse Museum, it has the most comprehensive collection of the works of Tiffany found anywhere and the most beautiful graphics and American paintings dating back to the 19th and early 20th century.

After head to the Wine Room for wine tasting. An electronic self-service wine tasting store that allows you to try a variety of different wines from around the globe!

Tip: give yourself an evening for this activity as after a couple of glasses of wine we went off for dinner but came straight back as we were having so much fun. This is perfect for those that love wine, delicious nibbles and an animated atmosphere.

Mather’s Social Gathering bar

If you’re into Speakeasies, well this one is pretty special! Located in on 30 S. Magnolia Avenue. it’s an antique-filled, parlor-style cocktail lounge which is currently decked out with the most amazing Chrimbo decorations. It’s definitely the most festive I’ve felt this holiday and the largest Christmas tree I’ve seen! Great vibe and yummy cocktails!

East End Market

Food lovers this is one for you. The East End market has a vast array of artisanal vendors in one marketplace, from bakers to pasta makers to coffee roasters. Make sure you stop off at Gideon’s bakehouse and indulge in the chocolate chip cookie. There are no words to describe the taste of this absolute delight, and if you don’t believe us, it’s actually the winner of countless awards ranging from the best in Florida to the best in the world! (It’s truly sensational!)


2017-12-08 06.24.13 1_preview_preview.jpeg

   Shop the Look:
Baker Boy Hat | ASOS
White Frilly Top | ASOS
Black Jeans | And Other Stories
Dungarees | Tommy Hilfiger
Blue Jeans | And Other Stories

Sunnies| RayBan 

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