Well, this really is a proud moment for us both. If you'd have asked us 10 months ago (having only just quit our full time jobs), if we'd ever imagine having a feature in one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world, we probably would have turned our heads and laughed. So we couldn't be more proud to share this with you guys and for each and everyone of you who have supported and believed in us on our journey so far.

For those that haven't yet read the piece,  I've given it a fairly good go at translating it all, so I hope you enjoy!
And for those that are German, or would prefer to read it in German ;) Here is the original feature!

Jordan and Loanne Collyer – Not without my Sister


Jordan and Loanne Collyer really share everything: a blog, an Instagram account, an apartment in South East London - and even their DNA. Because the two 26-year-old Brits are identical twins who have built the blog "The Collyer Twins" out of their similar looks and passion for travelling. By moving to Portugal as teens, their style is characterized by playful croptops, summer prints and casual beach waves. And since this does not really fit the weather of the British capital, it seems as if the two are constantly on the road - always searching for the sun and the perfect wave.

VOGUE: You are running your blog together, you're a DJ duo and you live together. Does that not sometimes get too much?

Jordan Collyer:  Yes, it can do. It can get really intense. Living and working with anyone can get hard and it definitely is a work in progress. We do end up bickering quite a bit as you would being sisters, luckily we never hold a grudge and we tend to make up within minutes after the argument! 

It is important that we give each other breathing space so we make sure that we're not always working in the same place or hanging out all the time!

They are identical twins and also your clothing style is very similar ...

Loanne Collyer: That's right! I would say it is quite similar, yes. We tend to wear similar styles and always end up picking the same clothes. However, Jordan is more likely to buy less but spend more on premium, one-off items that you wouldn't see on the High street, whereas I tend to bulk purchase but find better bargains!

How did you start your joint blog?

Loanne Collyer: Jordan started a fashion blog eight years ago whilst she was at university as a means to document her favourite looks, style and clothes but it was merely a fun side project she only updated once in a blue moon. When I left University a year later, we decided to join forces. 

We're extremely similar and have always been passionate about fashion, travel, music and presenting so we thought what better way to document this than having a joint blog? I think the fact that we're identical twins makes it more intriguing for other people too, everyone seems to find twins interesting!

At the beginning of last year, we vowed to be out of our full time social media jobs by the end of that year in order to focus on the blogging and DJing full time. By August, we had quit our jobs and secured a manager and since then everything has been skyrocketing!

      What does a typical workday look like for you?

Jordan Collyer: Every day is so different (which is what’s so exciting about the job.) I’ll give you an example of one of our days this week: Wake up at 6am to DJ at a fitness class at the Mondrian hotel. Head into town for a lunch meeting whilst doing emails on the go. In the afternoon link up with a photographer to shoot content for the blog, come home spend a couple of hours on the decks mixing and preparing for another gig, then finish off a blog post! Bed by 11pm.

     It seems as if your Instagram account is almost always summer. Are you both constant in traveling?

Loanne Collyer: We wish it was always summer!!! But yes, we are doing a lot of travelling at the moment. We've just come back from LA and Mallorca and are heading off to Ibiza next week for a campaign shoot and then off to Paris with Puma and The Kooples. 

 The lighting is always so much better in sunnier countries, so we end up taking double the amount of photos we normally                         would in London.

I think growing up in Portugal really gave us the travel bug, we start to get itchy feet if we're in London for more than a few months at a time and need our next dose of sunshine. We thrive off exploring new places and it's always an added bonus if the sun is shining.



      How was it for you as teenagers to emigrate to Portugal?

Jordan Collyer:  Yes, we moved to Portugal when we were 14, my mum married a Portuguese man so we moved to a place called Cascais right by the beach and went to International school until we were 18. It was such a culture shock moving from a state school in south London where we were naughty kids and never did homework to going to a private school in Portugal where it was ‘Cool’ to be smart and work hard. It certainly put us in good stead for University. We loved it! Growing up by the beach, speaking Portuguese and spending our weekends surfing, it couldn’t get much better!

Let us share your travel experience: How do you look fresh even after a long flight?

Loanne Collyer:

1. Drink a lot of water

2. Moisturise! Our skin gets really dry on flights so moisturising it makes it so much better.

3.Change in to a breezy, light outfit!


Tell us something about you that you would not expect...

Loanne Collyer: Jordan is left handed but eats right handed and surfs with the right foot. And I'm completely the opposite! (Talk about mirror image!)


What do you dream of for the future?

Continue to do what we’re doing, travel even more with the DJ’ing and blogging. We’d love to DJ at some awesome festivals like Glastonbury & Coachella! We’re DJing at our first festivals this Summer and hoping to do a lot more in the future! 

Eventually we would like to build the brand up to a point where we can launch our own merchandise, we both love the idea of having a clothing line...maybe starting off with designing headphones to tie in with the music element!

Jordan: On a personal level I want to have visited at least 30 new countries before I’m 30. (That’s a lot of air miles but it’s definitely do-able) I’ve also got an obsession with glass homes and am determined to buy one at some point! I’m not sure where just yet but definitely somewhere with a killer view!
Loanne: I have always dreamed of being able to build my own house in one of the Greek islands, surrounded by vineyards, coves and beautiful beaches. A place where all my friends and family can come all the time.

Woodstock Babes

It’s that time of year again when the festival season begins, the sun is out in its full glory and the quest for the best festival attire begins...

This summer we'll be DJing at El Dorado festival in Herefordshire and at the last ever Secret Garden Party, which we’re super excited for and hopefully a few more we can announce shortly!

Now, what's a festival without a great outfit to match? I wouldn't say either of us are normally ones to go ALL out but we do love a good summery piece that you can dress up and make even more extravagant with tonnes of glitter and lots of face paint.

So we've teamed up with ASOS and picked some of their dreamy pieces from their festival range which suits our festival style perfectly!

There's nothing worse than being super uncomfortable at a festival when you really just want to dance to your heart’s content, that's why you can't beat the combo of denim shorts and a loose crop top that Loanne has chosen in these photos.  Simple yet cool...We love that look!

The baker boy hat is our statement piece which certainly adds that hippy/ ‘Woodstock’ vibe to any festival outfit. Now, when it’s really hot, there’s nothing you want more than to be in floaty, light-weight materials so the red crop top and black skirt we chose here are absolute musts!

These ASOS pieces are perfect additions to our festival wardrobe, the question now is what are we more excited about.... the festival itself, or wearing our new outfits!

Photo 15-06-2017, 15 12 40.jpg
Photo 15-06-2017, 15 38 45.jpg
FashionCollyer Twins
Paris: The Kooples x Puma

When we heard that two of our favourite brands The Kooples and Puma were doing a collaboration, excitement and curiosity took over and we couldn't wait to see what the two had dreamed up. They certainly didn't disappoint either, a Puma style sneaker combined with The Kooples' rock'n roll androgynous edge, the classic clyde design, reinterpreted in black & white and stamped with The Kooples' signature silver skull, classic, simple and super comfortable, just how we like it! 

So to celebrate the launch of their new sneaker, we boarded the Eurostar to Paris with a suitcase packed to the brim of The Kooples gear ready to dance around in our new favourite sneaker (which by the way we've been wearing ever since we've received them.)

The Kooples has always been a brand Loanne and I have loved. The brands Parisian charm combined with British heritage cool makes it an iconic brand like no other. Added to which their genius campaigns of using 'pairs' and 'couples' is a sure winner for us! 

We hadn't visited Paris for a year so it was lovely to come back and visit the city of love although the weather was a little hit and miss. We were lucky enough to meet the founders of The Kooples: three brothers - Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha, who are all seriously the epitome of cool and all oozing charisma & charm, the perfect Kooples ambassadors! 

We had a bit of time before the party to take a few snaps around the Parisian streets. Loanne and I decided to go for two different looks, I chose the more feminine & flirty look which comprised of a daisy shirt and skirt. (Yes, it looks like a dress but they are actually two separates! )  Whereas Loanne went for the more androgynous, cool look by wearing navy blue trousers with velvet detailing, a simple white Kooples t-shirt and a black blazer with the white clyde trainers

We've decided to include a few more snaps of us repping The Kooples. The black and white stills you may recognise from our recent shoot with Vogue Germany and the final photo when we spent last Christmas in Mauritius. Our Kooples items sure have travelled the globe with us,  the pieces are so timeless and chic that you can wear them anywhere and at any time!

We can't wait to discover their next collaboration and to continue filling our wardrobe with more of their dreamy items! 

Photo 07-06-2017.jpeg
Ibiza babies

This time last week we were topping up our tans on the beautiful, iconic party island of Ibiza. Believe it or not, it was actually my first time visiting (I know! I know! What took me so long...I hear you say?) Well, let's just say the 'seal is now broken' and we will be heading back there as soon as we get another chance!  Ibiza certainly did not disappoint, nor on the beauty nor the party front!
We flew out there with the brand Blow Out Ibiza to shoot their summer campaign and DJ at their launch party, which was pretty epic. 
We were there for 5 days but we also managed to squeeze in a few day trips and parties, as you do! Coincidentally we were there for the opening of DC-10 (One of the Islands best underground electronic clubs, which saw us dancing our shoes off until the early hours of the morning)
So we compiled a short list of some of the must do's and see's if you get a chance to make it there this summer...You'd be silly not to!

El Chiringuito - This is the perfect place for a beach day. Think: white sofa beds on the beach, vibey music, amazing cocktails, INSANELY delicious food, beautiful people, sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Come here and set up camp for the day and evening, you'll have everything you want and need. It's also super close to the airport, so you can head here for the day and leave your bags with the staff if you have a late afternoon or evening flight.

Las Salinas - Quite possibly one of the most iconic of all Ibiza beaches, Las Salinas is a long expanse of soft golden sand surrounded by a nature reserve including sand dunes, pine forests and spectacular salt flats. Stunning.  DJs spin Balearic beats until the sun goes down and dancers parade along the shore promoting the island’s famous nightlife..... Spot the nudist!

Sa Punta -  Located at the furthest point of Talamanca bay, only five minutes from bustling Ibiza town and its thriving nightlife scene is Sa Punta, the restaurant we came to on our last night for a team dinner. It's stylish decor and location on the water front makes it very popular amongst holiday goers and locals and the food is superb! As the night falls, it transforms into an ultra-cool sassy and stylish dining destination playing host to some beat-savvy DJ's. Make sure you get the prawn tempura for starters and the black cod for main. (Getting hungry at the thought!)

Destino -Destino is the new boutique resort concept by Pacha Group. One place to enjoy the real Mediterranean lifestyle all day and all night long. Come here for evening cocktails or chill by the beautiful pool in the day and if you're up for a party as well, you'll normally find DJ's playing there all throughout the summer!

Giardinetto - If you're looking for a nice, relaxed place to have a delicious Italian dinner then look no further. Giardinetto, located in the Marina Botafoch is the one. Sit outside on their cute terrace just steps away from the beautiful yachts in the Marina and the romantic backdrop of the Old Town and ask for their prawn linguine. Drizzling in olive oil, garlic, prawns and chilli, this dish is simply to die for. Make sure you try the pizzas too, they are crispy, flavoursome and leave you wanting more! 


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Collyer Twins
Mallorca: A midweek wonder

What better way to spend a midweek than escaping the doom and gloom of London and jetting off to the beautiful, sunny island of Mallorca for a couple of days?

We went out with womenswear HUSH to showcase their new summer collection and were also joined by some other amazing bloggers, Liv Purvis, Lizzie Hadfield, Hannah Crosskey and Carlie Tasker. Now, for those that aren’t familiar with the brand, it is perfect for any summer getaway. Think relaxed, comfortable yet stylish. Perfect for beach cover-ups, bohemian linen shirts and flowy dinner dresses on a warm summers evening. We now have our holiday wardrobe sorted!

Our stay was spent in a beautiful boutique hotel , Hotel Cala Sant Vicenç  which is close to Pollenca on Mallorca’s North West Coast. With just 38 bedrooms, each room has a balcony with views across the village to the sea or over the lovely outdoor swimming pool and lush gardens towards the rugged mountain scenery. They recently re-opened in April and after a whole redesign and refurb, the new contemporary look is luxurious, combining the best of local tradition and culture.

Cala Sant Vicenc is a beautiful secluded resort village,  just a 45 minute drive north from the countries capital , ‘Palma’ , where the majority of the population reside. But at this time of year, there are few tourists and it’s pretty peaceful, making it perfect for us to explore the place at our own free will. The location of the hotel is stunning. A few minutes walk and you're surrounded by these lush little coves with the most beautiful turquoise and transparent water. I was shocked at how crystal clear the water was. Now,  in most cases, we’d be the first to jump in, but at the this time of year the water is still a bit chilly so we resorted in staying on land and topping up the tans. ( Slightly regretting this now, looking back at how inviting the water looks in these photos!)

Although we only stayed for a couple of days, we managed to squeeze enough in to give you a few recommendations and ‘Must- do’s’ if you ever plan to visit Cala San Vicenc or Pollenca. I’m going back a few more times this summer for weddings, and I literally can’t wait!

1. Take a trip to Pollenca - Pollenca is a 15 minute drive from Cala San Vicenc. It is an ancient town of attractive narrow streets and an impressive main square, lined with cafés, restaurants and bars. It has a rich history and beautiful churches and art galleries too, if you're interested in that kind of thing! We had a lovely, very well cultured tour guide, who showed us round the cute cobbled streets and talked to us about the history and culture of Pollenca.

 2. Go cycling - Cycling is huge in Cala San Vicenc, so much so that the hotel had it's own cycling concierge which was extremely handy! You also see more cyclists than you do cars and they all seem to be given right of way. Power to the cyclists, is all I say! So on Wednesday morning the hotel arranged a lovely guide who led us all the way to Puerto Pollensa. This was about a 25 minute cycle but it was so beautiful. Cycling with the sun on our faces, we passed such stunning scenery and rode past picturesque orange and olive groves. A part of the way is on the main road, but again, don’t be scared as cyclists are pretty much given right of way! I felt safe the whole time. If your cycling to Puerto Pollenca, make sure to go on a Wednesday as this is then the market is on which is well worth a visit.

3. Hit up the market in Puerto Pollenca - The market takes place every Wednesday in Puerto Pollenca and here you can find everything from fresh fruits, olives and produce to amazing local hand-made arts and crafts and jewellery. And if you don’t fancy shopping, go sit in a cute cafe by the water and sip on a freshly squeezed orange juice. It's that time of season too, so they taste divine!

4. Visit a vineyard and go wine tasting - If you’re anything like us, nothing beats a nice glass of rose in the sun and a glass of red wine with dinner. There are a few vineyards located around Pollenca, so when we got the chance to visit one (organised by the hotel) we were pretty chuffed! We tried a variety of different roses and some lovely mature red wines. An afternoon very well spent! 

5. Visit the Hotel Illa d'Or - This wellness and Spa hotel, located in Puerto Pollenca was founded in 1929 and is a stunning, white washed modern hotel with traditional touches. We were given a lovely tour of some of the rooms which have incredible views of the beach. The best part was dining at their outdoor restaurant located on the port over the water. If you like lots of courses and exquisite fine dining, then this is definitely a place for you! 


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