Melbourne Livin'


Returning from the sunny, hot, buzzing, vibrant, lively Melbourne to the Freezing, snowy, grey clouds of London was a hell of a transformation, not only in terms of weather, but in terms of way of life, fashion, music, food and trends.

Being there for a month was brilliant, especially as we escaped a month of winter here and swapped it for a month of 40 degree heat, beaches, pool parties and warm nights drinking cocktails...

Melbourne is such a fab city, it's such a chilled out lifestyle which goes hand in hand with the quirky fashion that I would most liken to the town and lanes of good old Brighton. Melbourne is the 'cool' part of Australia, as the Melburnian's like to stress. Coffee shops lurking on every corner, buzzing streets of people, bars filled with live music, hippie/casual dressers and a mix and match of different cultures.
We took a few days to check out the vintage shops in the town and around Fitzroy street. We came across some really cool vintage shops, which seemed  pretty similar to those you'd find around London and we had fun trying on some funky items.

One great thing we discovered about Australia, was the 'Op shopping' which stands for 'Opportunity shopping'...basically shopping in charity shops, as we would call it!
We found some brilliant purchases for such cheap prices such as the burgundy top and white shirt that we are wearing in one of the pictures below, each for $1! Bargain? I THINK SO!
Overall, it was a brilliant trip! Great people, Amazing weather, Excellent night life, Fabulous food, Great fashion. 5* trip! The only reservation was the price! Was a tad too expensive  (But nothing a good old 'op shop' can't sort out!) Fairdinkum mateyyysss!!