Our Hair Story - Paul Edmonds

Up until the beginning of this year, myself and Jordan have always struggled with our hair and achieving a look and style that we really want. We’re prone to extremely fine and straggly hair that breaks very easily and doesn’t grow past a certain point ( usually slightly below shoulder length).  Now, it would be easy to blame the whole thing on genes (My mum’s hair is also very fine) but we are both guilty of not looking after it as well as we should. Using treatments, heat sprays, brushing it with care, using sun protection spray were all quite foreign to our weekly hair routine and just something we never really gave much importance to.

However, at the beginning of 2017 we decided to change it up, no more straggly, split-ended, rastafarian-style hair. No, it was time to re-store its health and glow and make our hair something to be proud of rather than something we would shy away from and tie back at any opportunity. That is where the amazing Paul Edmonds comes in. We were introduced to the Salon in knightsbridge earlier in the year and literally have not looked back since! 

The salon itself is beautiful and the staff are all so warm and friendly. Expect a 5-star service when you go in, from the best magazines, to yummy juices and a selection of amazing food that is simply served to you whilst being pampered to the max!  We’d never had anything like it. My previous experience of hair salons was not far from just walking in, getting more of my hair chopped off than anticipated and then leaving feeling slightly deflated. Well, Not here!

Me and Jordan opted for extensions in order to achieve not only length but that thickness we had always craved. Our previous experience of extensions had certainly not been the best and most of the time ended up in either half our hair falling out or just a look that wasn’t very natural and quite obviously extensions. So you could say we were slightly hesitant to get them again however these ones were completely different. They were done by an amazing woman called Polina, who is without a doubt the absolute queen of hair extensions, with years and years of experience she is the one to go to! The extensions are ‘starworks’ and are coloured by the salons very own colourist called Jack Howard. He has launched his own range of balayage extensions which gives the hair its amazing colour! That beachy balayage look is one we’ve always wanted and the colour blends so well into our natural hair colour. They should last around four months by which time you should probably get them re-done again as you will notice that they may start to fall out. 

The extensions are pretty easy to maintain, just make sure to brush them often and make sure they don’t get tangled at the top. Weekly treatments are a must, we use a Kerastase treatment which you can just leave in for half an hour instead of conditioning. It leaves your hair feeling amazing and so shiny. We usually style our hair with curling tongs to achieve that loose wave look, so make sure to always use a good heat-cream spray before. We tend to use Maria Nila .

Achieving a look that we finally really love and one, ( I think) that really suits us, has motivated us to take as much care of it as possible and start treating it with the love, care and attention that it deserves! For those that are after a new salon or new extensions, we could’t recommend Paul Edmonds enough. It’s not just a hair salon, it’s a whole experience where you’ll leave feeling refreshed,  rejuvenated and confident again. I don’t think I’ve ever worn my hair down so much since going to Paul Edmonds and we’ve certainly never had as many compliments on our hair as we do now that's for sure!

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