Secret Garden Party

What an incredible way to celebrate the last ever Secret Garden Party festival than DJ'ing on the epic Lake Stage (which this year resembled an old school 70's American house party) and spending the weekend pimped out in a Mercedes Benz Marco Polo camper van, which was by far the most luxurious and comfortable experience we've endured at a festival. With a fully equipped kitchenette and two built-in beds that we set up in moments, the V-Class Marco Polo offered the comfort of a home amidst a muddy, rainy field which made our last festival experience the best one yet! 

Thank you to everyone who came and partied to our tunes and everyone who made it the best possible send off to one of our favourite festivals.  

Below captures our Friday afternoon at the Festival, thank you to the extremely talented videographer Emilia Reid who spent the afternoon following us around and working her magic and Megan Thorne for the video cut.

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