L.A. - Our packing guide

So the countdown begins. T minus 3 days until we'll be in LA, sitting pool side, margarita in one hand and a burrito in the other, listening to some funky tunes and chillaxing to the max...Okay, not exactly that but you get the vibe. Haha

For all you avid, stylish travellers, do any of you find packing a bit of a chore? We certainly used to and in the past we've always done a throw in jobby hoping that a few dresses, shorts and flip-flops will suffice, when, lo and behold, we've forgotten the most crucial shirt for that one big occasion. 

Now, however, with travelling becoming a regular stint we've become quite the strategic packers. (I'd like to think so anyway.) Planning specific outfits for events/ occasions has been an absolute life saver, and that's exactly what we've done for LA.

So we've teamed up with Reiss to create the ultimate packing guide and shed some insight into our top tips and fave items we'll be taking with us. 

What are your top 3 in-flight essentials?

Jordan: My Master & Dynamic headphones, lip balm & candy kittens

Loanne: Comfy socks, headphones, a good moisturiser (La mer hydrating serum is my ultimate fave!)

What’s your top tip for packing when you’re away for a long period of time?

Plan at least 3 different looks before you go! For LA we've gone for:

Beach vibes: Reiss floral bikini, Reiss white trainers or  pink trainers, a pair of Monokel black sunnies & tortoiseshell sunnies 

Night out: a light satin shirt, black shorts , black suede mules and a clutch

Brunch/ day party: blue suit, a white shirt and my vanity bag

Which are your favourite pieces in your suitcase for this trip?

Jordan: Reiss white leather sneakersCleo glasses, vintage biker jacket

Loanne:  My Monokel sunnies, my black leather jacket  - absolutely perfect for a breezy evening at Coachella! Get me there now!

How do you adapt your style for a trip to somewhere like L.A?

Jordan: More colourful dresses & shorts

Loanne: Swap the culottes and the jeans for boho dresses and the boots for the sandals and open toed shoes.The blacks will turn to whites and brighter colours!

Top 3 tracks you'll be listening to on-route to LA? 

Jordan: Drake-Ice melts & Do not disturb, Childish Gambino - Redbone

Loanne: Drake- Passionfruit, Childish Gambino - Redbone, Chi Town- Mele

What one key trend do you think everyone should buy into this summer?

Jordan: Anything pink!! Anything from a ruffled pink T to some candy cotton slip-ons

Loanne: Ruffles and stripes! I've just bought a new ruffled shirt, it's perfect for summer and I love the shape it gives to clothing. You also can't go wrong with stripes, for me they always bring me back to summer time.

Do you believe that less is more or you can you never have too many clothes?

Jordan: I've always been a less is more kinda gal, even if i buy loads of clothes I'll always gravitate back to my go-to pieces

Loanne: I think it's important to have your staple, timeless pieces which are long lasting and which go with everything. However, with the majority of my clothes, I wear them a few times and then I want something new. So in that sense, I can never have too many clothes!