Downsizing our beauty bag

With lots of travelling tends to comes lots of packing and if you're anything like us, overpacking is a constant issue. The last thing you want is an overcrowded bag, bursting at the seams with a huge unnecessary make up bag.  
We're off to Valencia today so we've had to think wisely about what essentials to pack. The one blessing we've had this time round is our new 'Nude by Nature three minute glow kits'. They have been our life saviours. (Especially post Fashion week!) The three minute glow kit pretty much sums itself up in the title. Three products applied in three minutes which gives you an instant glow and beauty. We don't tend to wear much makeup as we like to keep our look as natural as possible but even more importantly we don't have the time to spend hours applying it so this simple glow kit has been perfect for achieving that look quickly, whilst keeping our luggage under control as well!
The glow kit contains the sheer glow BB cream which is great for evening out your skin tone and giving you a natural, luminous finish. It also comes with an amazingly soft blending brush.The thing we love most about the BB cream, is that it is super light weight and gives you a non-greasy finish. So no need for extra powder on top, girls! 
It also contains all natural ingredients (bonus!) such as the Vitamin C- rich Australian Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Desert Lime, Aloe Vera and Desert date oil.  All packed with active anti-ageing qualities, so no more wrinkles coming our way anytime soon.
The Kit also comes with a perfecting concealer and the 'Allure' defining mascara. Basically all the makeup we need in simply three products. Winning.
One thing we won't be worrying about in Valencia is having to carry a full stash of makeup with us so we can enjoy the city and culture and all it has to offer.

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