Hungry for change

I thought I would write about something completely off topic but something that has had a resounding impact on my lifestyle for the past couple of months. If this post nurtures any curiosity then I'm really glad. If not then....Mmmm... carry on eating your snickers, burgers and fizzy drinks! Ha

I went to a friends house a while back and she insisted that I watch a documentary called Hungry For Change.

I decided to give it a go and WOW...It sure is an eye-opener. It focuses on the shocking secrets the food industry keeps hidden; deceptive strategies to ensure the food industry produces more and more money. I recommend it to everyone who is keen on living a healthier life or wants to understand the impact food has on an individual. Trust me it's pretty incredible. I sometimes don't understand why nutrition isn't taught at school as it is a fundamental part of living.

Since watching the documentary I really have been hungry for change. I've been using my Nutribullet to make green juices on a regular basis. After two weeks of drinking juices my skin started glowing, I had unintentionally lost weight and I had not one craving for sweets or chocolate (which for me is a bloody miracle.)

Just remember the greener the better! Kale, spinach, avocado, broccoli the whole lot has an abundance of nutritional value. Not only this but when you drink the juice it goes directly into your blood stream with the nutrients feeding your body cells within 10/15 minutes. This is all done without your body having to exert effort on digestion and assimilation.

Shove it all in a blender and combine it with water and fruit of your choice either bananas, berries, pear, apples- you can't really go wrong!

I'm not saying go teetotal- as that would be pretty dull right?!  I just think we as a generation need to be more aware about what we put in our mouths.

Remember the saying.. 'You Are What You Eat' 

Well.... I couldn't agree more!

Happy eating guys =)

Hungry For Change.

J x