Say Lou Lou: It's a twin thing!

Scandinavian Twins, Elecktra and Miranda, better known as electro-pop sensation ‘Say Lou Lou’ have recently sparked an interest in the pop world after releasing their hit single ‘Julian,' a tale of romantic escape coupled with references to borders and checkpoints. With an album release  this year, expectations are high, but nothing seems to phase the quirky duo who we caught up with backstage at XOYO before their live performance.

A rather dingy, cramped back-room was filled with crazy twin vibes: two sets of identical twin sisters talking and giggling aloud about the highs and lows of sisterhood! 

You girls are headlining here tonight at XOYO, are you nervous or are you used to doing live performances?

E: We have only been doing it for a year and a half, so we must have done about 50 gigs. We've just been on tour with London Grammar, so we have got into the flow of it.

You girls are half Swedish and half Australian, Where’s home? 

E: We are based everywhere, my mum lives in Sweden and my dad lives in Australia but we have our label here.

M: I have a flat in Stockholm, Elektra doesn’t 

E: I don’t live anywhere, I live out of a suitcase (giggles) 

Do you think having lived in both Australia and Sweden has influenced your musical style? 

M: Yes and No, rather than the way the music sounds it’s the way we are and the way we have     accepted this journey and how relaxed we are with travelling so much and how we can make friends so easily. I think through our music you can tell that we have had two heritages. One part is quite poppy, glossy like Swedish pop and the other side  is quite organic with instruments like guitars.

As twins ourselves, we are very similar in our tastes, style, music, hobbies etc are you two quite distinct in your personalities? 

E:I think were quite different. People who meet us think we have the same mannerisms and speak the same and finish each other sentences, a bit like you two! But if you break us down as people we have different temperaments. We do have completely different taste in guys! Our boyfriends are completely different! 

M: I like nice guys and you like bad boys! 

Were both identical twins and both geminis… 

M: Really? Oh my god

E: I have a Gemini tattoo, I have never met another set of twins who are geminis! 

M: I’m 4 minutes older, were both 22

E: My mum had a caesarian, Miranda came out like an angel but I came out screaming.  Miranda was half a kilo lighter than me. At one point I was 12 kilos heavier! 

You've just been on tour with London Grammar, how was that?

E: They are so cute, they are the most loving people ever. I’m so happy for them their whole tour was sold out. They are newcomers and it has gone so incredibly well for them.

Who writes your music?

M: We both do, 

E: But we like to have a third party with us because the two of us get nothing done together. We end up yelling at each other ! 

M: The third person steers us in the right direction

We are exactly the same! Do you ever find that you have nothing to say to each other because you spend every minute of the day together?

Both: YES! haha

E: It’s literally like being married 

M: Just by looking at Elektra's face sometimes I can feel annoyed but I don’t think I can feel that way towards anyone else the annoyance but also the love. It’s like I know what Elektra is going to say and it annoys me before she even says it!!! It’s worse when we see each other drunk..

Do you ever get physical?

E: We always fight when were drunk… we recently had a physical fight. We go deep. We go so far that Miranda locked herself in the bathroom and tried to call the police! Haha. All our scars on our hands are from sitting there digging our nails into each other. 

M: Even today the taxi driver told us to stop fighting in the taxi! We make up within 30 seconds though…

You have both been featured in Vogue, are you both fashion victims?

M: Not really, I think it’s become a thing and since day 1 we wear what we think looks good. 

E: In our first show we didn’t wear anything special we wore sweaters with socks and someone put us on Vogue and said we took our inspiration from the 70’s, so it happened haphazardly.