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On the 8th of October, Jordan and I went up to Covent garden to shoot a small fashion piece for the Muse.Tv ( The video was shot in Rokit vintage shop( and the aim was to search around, picking the most over exaggerated, fabulous vintage pieces, and creating an outfit out of them!
As you can see, the outfits we picked were indeed VERY over the top, but for those fashionista's who like to go OTT and prove no limits to the crazy outfits they can pull off, I recommend some of the quirky items and outfits we picked out!

It was a great day =) ( apart from fainting and getting sick half way through the shoot! OOPS! probably the reason why i'm so white and withered by the end of the video haha!) but it was indeed, a lot of fun and everyone at the were brilliant! =) Check out the link below for the video...

See ya next time Musers***

L x

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