My Flash Trash sample sale


On Fridy, Me and Jordan took a trip to Poland street in Soho, to Apartment 58, for the sample sale of 'My Flash Trash' a fantastic online jewelry boutique. We were overwhelmed by an amazing collection of jewelry, from some of the top jewelry designers and all at a great discount,some pieces up to 80% off!
To top this off,  complimentary cupcakes, cocktails , manicures and massages were all on offer. However, just to our luck , by the time we arrived (a bit late, oops!) all the goodies and offers had gone!! Not even the last crumb of cupcake or final drips of sparkly champagne were on offer.
However, this did not, in the slightest, dampen our spirits (although a red velvet cupcake could have made it perfection! ;)) as all of the jewelry pieces were bloody brilliant, if you don't mind me saying. Some of my favorite pieces were from the designer Tatty Devine, whose unique and exciting designs are greatly art- infused, 99% of the pieces being hand-made.
The picture on the right is an example of one the designs, a plastic imitation of a pringle or a baked crisp pending from a silver chain. So simple but so creative and funky, and for those food lovers, an absolute must purchase!
The other necklace on the left, also designed by Tatty Devine is another fantastic piece. Simple, but with potential to brighten up a plain T-shirt on a rainy day =).

Flash Trash itself  have their own collection of Jewelry, whose pieces (all under £20) prove to be trendy, affordable and unique. Some of their pieces on offer, included brightly colored festival feather headdresses, perfect for quirking up a festival outfit, as well as funky flashtrash bracelets, bright and bold!

It was also really great to catch up with our friend, Anna Lewis, who has just started working at My flash Trash, and provided us with all the juicy goss on  the coolest and newest jewelry trends. Brilliant sample sale and a definite thumbs up for this one-stop online shop jewelry boutique, whose unique pieces illustrate quirky, artsy and trendy styles, all of which are available to order instantaneously to all parts of the globe!

L x

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