Marina & The Diamonds- Review

Review: Marina & The Diamonds – Primadonna


With fans having patiently waited for over two years for The Marina and the Diamonds new album ‘Electra heart’ to be released, they will not be disappointed with her lead single ‘Primadonna.’
The name sums it up! The upbeat quirky pop track oozes vigor and personality and is somewhat reminiscent of an 80’s Madonna song with the melody and beat resembling a Katy Perry track. Hardly surprising since the team who produced ‘Primadonna‘ were behind Katy Perry’s single ‘Teenage Dreams’ in 2010. The fact that Marina has also been touring with Katy Perry  can also clarify just why this track is a little more mainstream compared to her more quirky/ indie type tracks.
The lyrics suggest a typical prima donna who has everything but love. Her outstanding vocal range is enticing and offers an almost double meaning to her track which suggests that as an exuberant character who has all the material things a girl could want, she is still unsatisfied without love.
Marina explains that the song is about her ex boyfriend who believed she was a drama queen, giving her the urge to channel this adverse character trait into an up-tempo, pop song.
Having reached number 11 in the UK chart singles, this track is proving to be a big  success. Already anticipating the next single, we hope she proceeds with her quirky roots, as this is what made us fall in love with her from the start!
Words by Jordan Collyer. IBM