New Year, New Start!


It's a little late, but I thought this year,  I would write down my new year's resolutions, by publishing them on my blog surely means i have to stick to them right?  So i'm going to try that extra bit harder to make them count. Hopefully by the end of 2015 i'll be able to gladly cross each and every one off with ease.

1) Say yes to more things... ( I don't mean everything, but you get the jist) 2014 was a great year, but at times i became aware of how often i would decline offers to do things whether it be a party, weekend away, or even small things like a drink with a friend....i found myself turning more things down than not! Subconsciously i was spending more time in my little bubble and kept shutting new experiences out... Well this year, I'm going to make the most of everything. Carpe diem and all...
2) Get fit... Yes I say this every year, but I really mean it, I want to eat well, train well feel good and look even better! ( Slightly shallow but hey ho!)
3) Work hard! Since landing my first serious job, i feel like now more than ever,  i know what it is i want to do, and therefore time to buckle down, work hard and visualize! 
4) Travel to more places. This ties into number one, but i want to visit more cities. I'm fortunate enough to be well travelled, but it's true that the more you travel the itchier feet you get... One place I really want to go to this year, and only if it's for a long weekend is Stockholm! 
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