We have had a pretty busy and exciting few weeks- meeting some fabbb people and going to some pretty cool places. We decided to share with you guys a short compilation video of some of the interviews we have done recently...

We interviewed new DJ duo Rich and Hoyte, finding out a bit about their new, up and coming projects.

We also catch up with Charles anonymous , who is soon to release his new EP 'Deep Breath'.

At Shoreditch Fashion Show, we grabbed a quick interview with the very talented, star of 'The voice', Mr Vince Kidd - who gave us a cheeky peek at his new tattoo ;) and also with, 'Made in Chelsea' Star, Oliver Proudlock - who pinky promised me a new beanie hat (doubt that will happen) (obviously unimpressed by the one I was wearing).

We also got to sample some amazing cocktails with The Rum Runner  - loved the one with Haagen Dazs Ice cream. YUM!

We got cosy with Jimmy Herrtage aka DJ SharkBait about his career as a DJ and his clothing line Yoghurt Warrior !

And caught up with Singer and Song writer Jody Brock who was performing his amazing new tracks at Music venue 'Under the Bridge'. Please do excuse our 'get out of bed look' in this video. Haha

Audio isn't great as we didn't have any!!! Oops, we will for next time !

J & L x

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